Fallout 4 cheats and Console Commands: God mode, Freecam and with a lot more update..

You can unlock the console, pressing the tilde key (~). A gateway gives and lets yourself have spawn weapons, superpowers, and monsters,  speed up time, make a change in your stats and attributes, and finish the game with one tap on the Enter key.

Watch your command take effect directly from activating the console in-game, their type the control you need, press the option, and then close again the console, and it will appear. Try the apostrophe key, if the tilde button (left of the one key) doesn’t work anywhere. Also, depending on the nationality of the keyboard setting varies differently.

Fallout 4 cheats and console commands:

Fallout 4 Mods In The Game:

  •  Useful old god mode (tgm)
  • With no collision; Walkthrough the walls and Walk into the sky. Moreover, be free (tcl)
  •  Free camera Activates (tfc)
  • Great for screenshots; Same as the above option, but it freezes all the animations (tfc 1)
  •  UI on and off option and Toggles menus. Stops you even from seeing the console to get the UI back, press the tilde, and type tm again blinds to it

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  • Damage the effects and Resets the Blood (csb)
  • Change the FOV setting( [first-person FOV] [third-person FOV] ) (fov)
  • In this, it appears to have two super settings of Speeding up or slowing down the time. The default setting 16.1 is real-time, and a spectacular time-lapse 10,000 is crazy. Make sure you look when the time is in a fast-forward setting. Because across the sky, the sun and the moon bounce. (Set the Timescale to [insert number])
  • Teleports the player of the character to various areas in the game (coc [cell id]) For an Example: coc RedRocketExt

Finding Items and NPC IDs:

To operate these lots of commands, you have to get to know the NPCs, IDs of items, also the names of the factions and locations.

With the system setting console open, clicking on the item or character, we can see its ID appear. Additionally, to this option, to the targeted character, many commands act on it—also, whoever the role you clicked on. Sometimes to pop up the right ID, it can be tricky to get (to select yourself it’s easy accidentally), so you can use the help of free cam (tfc).  You can also lookup the commands and IDs.

  • For the options pop for Searches items, commands, characters, and more use the Page Up and Page Down to scroll and 0 searches for everything use (help [thing name] [0-4] )

An Example here: help “attack dog” 0  so like in this order search. Next, it would pop up to let you know an NPC called ‘attack dog’ is available with the ID number 000B2BF2. You make sure that to use quotes in it whenever you search for two or more words in it.

To teleports to a room that contains several boxes of every single item in the game to use. But the right way is to find the item IDs. From entering the console, you can find an item ID  and click on to the item in this game world with your mouse key. It will turn out to the Dog meat, which is the real name and its 0001d162. (coc qasmoke)

To change character with Fallout 4 console commands:

  • The character customization menu reopens so you can change the look there. For this one, on the screen, you need to have your character’s face-centered (show looks menu player 1)
  •  Change your race mode type like a ghoul, mutant. With the help of function find race IDs, but also in this situation, you have to beware of adverse side effects. Most of the races just make it into a crash (Player.set race [race id]) Example for this is (player.set race GhoulRace)
  • It Resets your health mode (player.reset health)
  • It Modifies the jump.  To vault over each building like the character Incredible Hulk set it high. Warning for this mod is if you are not turning on god mode, the falling damage that your jump will kill you in the game. (Set gs f Jump Height Min [insert number here])
  • Steal to your heart’s content because no more AI will detect you (detect) 

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“Players” mode in the Fallout 4 console commands:

  • The numerical amount you choose is to boost your skill, for Example, player. Mod av strength ten will increase ten points of your power. You’d love to hack the terminal or an NPC  to persuade, use this setting option. Use the next command if you want to unlock perks(Player.mod av [skill] [number])
  •  To a new value, it sets a character trait. It will unlock perks when you change your stats, unlike mod av (Player.set av [character variable] [number])
  • To your running speed, it adds a multiplier the number you type, with hilarious consequences ahead. Use the combination of god mode and the next command in to go out like a full complete superhero. (Player.set av speed multi [insert number here])

Fallout 4 Creation Club Sneak Peek

  • To the number specified boost your level (player.set level [insert number])
  • Equal to the number you specify it adds bottle caps (player/add item 0000000f [insert number])
  • Equal to the number you specify it adds bobby pins (player/add item 0000000a [insert number here])
  • In the last two commands, you may have noticed a pattern. As long you know the item ID, you can add ANY item to your inventory this way (Player.add item [item ID] [number])

To manipulate NPCs in the Fallout 4 Console Commands:

  • It causes everyone with a vacant look on their face to stand still; when you turn off AI (tai)
  • Brings peace in that game when combat AI Turns off (tcai)
  • In the vicinity kills everyone, apart from your companions and other characters, which deemed too vital to die in-game. In this case, it will slump down the injured until a stimpack is given to them (kill all)
  • Kills the being with the ID you give; you have to type there as Kill (0017fda3) or whatever the creature ID. In this, the feral ghoul drops dead when entering the ID of it. With the console open, click on NPC and just type ‘kill’ (kill [insert ID]).
  • Brings the creature’s second time to live with the ID you supply. Type resurrect ID (0017fda3) to bring feral ghoul back to life. Alternatively, to it, with the console open, select a dead NPC and just write ‘resurrect.’ If you resurrect the creature with a headless NPC, they’re going to remain as without head ever (resurrect [insert ID])
  • Resets the characters (recycle actor)


  • It makes a vast appearance you or your target. At the top of the article see the results in the picture  (Set scale [number from 1 to 10])
  • It works on the change whoever you select, though not good results may obtain with unique characters (sex change)
  • From the selected NPC unequip all the items (unequip all)
  • For your current companion Get the affinity level (get av CA-affinity)
  • It sets companion’s affinity level to a number option (set av CA-affinity [number])
  • To your companion’s affinity level adds a number. Any effect isn’t noticed (mod av CA-affinity [number])

To Change Factions:

Fallout 4 cheats and console commands: god mode, freecam, find ...

  • With the Faction become allied. Remove the ‘player’ prefix alternatively, and this will affect the targeting NPC. Furthermore, 0 is friendly, 1 is allied (Player.Add To Faction [faction id] [0 or 1])
  • Example: player. Add To Faction 00028670 1 to become allied with bugs.
  • From the Faction, remove yourself. Remove the ‘player’ prefix alternatively, and it will affect the targeting NPC (player.Remove From Faction [faction id])
  • The target to remove from all factions (remove from all Faction)
  •  Two factions friendly (0) or allied (1) make it (set ally [faction id] [faction id] [0 or 1] [0 or 1])
  •  And  two factions neutral (0) or enemies (1)  make(set enemy [faction id] [faction id] [0 or 1] [0 or 1])

To complete the game:

Fallout 4 console commands and cheats | PCGamesN

  • In the quest complete all current objectives given (complete all objectives [Quest ID])
  • Reset the quest (reset quest [Quest ID])
  • Finish the quest (complete quest [Quest ID])
  • It completes every step of the primary quest, effectively in completing the game playing (caqs)
  • Last one more warning for you that is If you don’t want to avoid spoiling the entire game you play, then don’t use it.

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