The best Deepfake apps in 2020 which you can use for fun. Lets know more about the mind bending AI technology.

Deepfake is around the corner for some time now, but it has recently gained popularity through the launch of mobile applications and web platforms that offer this technology. Deepfake is a synthetic media where the facial properties of an existing person in a photo or a video can be replaced with another person’s facial properties. This technology can be used both for good things like research on machine learning and for fun by putting our self in place of a fictional character that we like and for bad things like manipulating videos or photos and spreading misinformation about someone or something, which might lead to dangerous misleading outcomes. But if you want to use Deepfake for fun or research purposes only then here is a list of 7 most widely used Deepfake apps available on the web for you to download or use online. Check it out:

1) ZAO

Zao is a Chinese deepfake app that has only launched in the Chinese market and available for both android and ios. Currently, this application can be sideloaded on android phones, but still, it requires a Chinese mobile number to register into the deepfake app. So, if you are lucky enough to have one then you can use this application. the results are really impressive for Chinese faces because the app is optimized for and trained on Chinese face data only. Still, you can give it a try and enjoy the results on your phone.

Download the Zao App from this Link

2) Reface App (formerly Doublicat)

Reface app is another popular deepfake app which was formerly known as Doublicat is another such app. This app is available in most countries. In this app, you can click a picture of yourself and use your face to replace another face in any GIF available on the app. There is a huge collection of GIFs available in the app and it does not allow users to choose from GIFs saved on your device on the free version. However, you can subscribe to the pro version of the app to apply your face on any of your on-device GIFs and it also gives you access to unlimited face swaps.

Reface App: Play Store Link
Reface App: Apple App Store Link
Official Reface Website:

3) Faceapp

Faceapp is a photo and video editing application which uses Deepfake and is available on both android and ios. It is built by a Russian company Wireless lab and it allows its users to replace a face available on a video or photo with your own face. This application is fun to use and it claims to be the most advanced neural portrait editing technology. It also can be used to have fun by just swapping your gender, changing your hair style and other amazing transformations, all for free.

Faceapp: Play Store Link
Faceapp: Apple App Store Link
Faceapp Official Website:

4) Machine Tube

Machine tube is not an aplication that can be downloaded on your android or ios device and used from there, but it is a website which uses Deepfake and does the same work for you. This application uses inputs from your device and does not use cloud computation and so whatever you create stays within your device only. This tool needs you to upload a photo or a video and then it will use its machine learning technology to learn the basic properties of the provided data and then you can superimpose then data to various templated available on the website for fun. As it does all the computation on the device so it requires at least 2Gb pf VRAM and quite a powerful GPU.

You can visit the website by clicking here

5) Deepfakes Web β

Deepfakes Web β is another Deepfake website that lets you superimpose your face on another person in a video clip and it is also a very popular one. But, unlike the previous website this does not does all the computation on your device and instead it uses cloud computation and so it does not require any system requirements because every bit of processing is done in the cloud. And as per the name suggests this website is still in its Beta so we can expect even better results from the final stable version of the software.

You can visit the website by clicking here

6) DeepFaceLab

DeepFaceLab is another Deepfake tool which is available on Github and quite popular for its simplicity. It can also be used by people who have little to no knowlwdge on the subject, it uses Machine Learning, Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition and Image and Video Processing for getting the job done. you do not need to train the software on any model or write lines of codes to use it. It just required you to upload a photo and choose a video where you want to replace with your face, and it will do it for you.

You can visit its Github Page by clicking

7) FaceSwap

Our list ends with Faceswap, it is a mobile application whichuses Deepfake and is used by the users to swap faces in a video in realtime using the device’s camera. This app is available on both android and ios and also has a paid version for unlimited access to all its features and some exclusive features as well.

Faceswap: Play Store Link
Faceswap: Apple App Store Link
Faceswap Official Website:

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