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One of the best PCR PGS of all time is The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, with great modding features and controls in the game. The mods for The Witcher 3 a new playthrough for 2020 updated with the sources of life boosts like auto looting quality, texture overhauls, superhuman ability to play through shallow water.

Here down below available with the latest Witcher 3 patch mods of version 1.31 and the utilities for the mod.


The tools need to make mods work in the game.

Debug Console Enabler:

If you’re tinkering around with mods, you need the god-like power one debug console. It unlocks the debug console, also let you use console commands to spawn enemies, change settings,  fix broken things, etc. (Download Link)

Nexus Mod Manager:

The Nexus Mod Manager wrangle the competing, conflicting changes which mods might bring to the game. While installing pay attention to the conflicts and load orders warnings. (Download Link)

Mod Merger

There is a mod limit if you want to download more options. Mod Merger can help it combines compatible mods into a customized bundle. (Download Link)

Best Mods Of “The Witcher 3”:

26 Best The Witcher 3 Mods You Should Try in 2020 |

Fast Travel Anywhere:

Geralt’s world is a signpost for fast travel, but sometimes it is coaxing to stay long in one place, so this mod lets you teleport to any point from anywhere with a quick approach travel route.  Use it with caution, if you override this system causes troubles to little quests. And it’s not yet updated with the newer mods. (Download Link)

Quest Objectives in Map:

It adds to the map every map area icon all the time, including all the nearby merchants with quest objective places in your journal. In this, you can customize and hide markers if you don’t want it. (Download Link)

Additional Stash Locations:

Installing it, will add up eight more new stash locations and relocate standard stash locations two of it to more convenient areas.  If you use realism mod than it is especially handy to carry weight than money. (Download Link)

Preparations Mod:

In Witcher game gives a feel to do homework with some plans. Here for the first time, you brew Specter oil and stock up on Moondust,  meditate for some time which recaptures old magic also to refill alchemical items and oils, spend points in the skill tree, repair items and last step to ready is sharpen the silver sword. Also, you have to be all set before Noon wraith hits the windmill. (Download Link)–
AMM - Changing Swords - YouTube

Friendly HUD:

The Witcher 3’s UI is a bit of clutter; it can make the game overly tricky when turning parts off. It has several features, with separate downloads want one or two, to improve the issue of on-screen.  Down to enter meditation from holding a key without the use of the menu to hide quest markers rather you use Witcher sense, plus the HUD elements to toggle individually on and off without opening menu, and lot more of it. (Download Link)


We can make combat mods harder, more accessible, importantly to a fresher look.

Critical Slow Motion Combat Mod:

To make Witcher 3 combat with a cinematic flair effect in it, pick up this gem. So it can slow the action of Geralt Lands critical hit in the game, which allow a gape like a bandit’s head flew perfectly from his shoulders. (Download Link)

Auto Apply Oils:

It is the finest one in role-play of Witcher 3 with its system of weapon oils. It is hard to dig in Geralt’s bags and apply them, for the most dedicated role player itself as it was tedious work. With Auto Apply Oils according to your range of an enemy specific type of oil, will automatically apply oil and you can return to hacking it with a slab of silver. (Download Link)

Auto Loot:

It’s a massive list of sources with minor tweaks, buffs, and nerfs to make it more dangerous and balanced. It is a place to look for a general overhaul which works invisibly in the background. (Download Link)


Download Link

In this Geralt will look less acrobatic, and his feet on the ground with the pointed forward sword—Mod for players who need combat system to play the same, without any Cirque du Soleil showiness.


Mods to rebalance loot,  lighten or weigh down the load.

Over 9000 Weight:

Geralt already carry quite sweet leather get-ups and two cumbersome swords, if you feel harder to toss away the collection of Witch Hunter’s Swords, this mod is for you. It gives a weight limit of 9000 but has an exceptional bonus to hold up. (Download Link)

Increase Creature Loot:

It is a Wild Hunt, but not creatures and monsters hunt is an excellent way in this game. If you’re exhausted on bagging deer and walk away to show, the Increased Creature Loot mod give a chance of animals drop meat, hide there, and other ingredients add up. (Download Link)

The Best Mods For The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt For 2020 & Beyond

The Gwent Card Dealer:

Gwent Card Dealer mod turns Baron’s quartermaster to all-playing in the game, deals Velen Gwent collector. He sells wares and cards in the game. (Download Link)

Witcher Useful Tool Innkeeper:

It turns a humble innkeeper into the Witcher quartermaster of the world’s greatest one. (Download Link)

Black Scabbards:

Just download Black Scabbards to settle the problem, if new master-crafted sword set you work toward turns out to a hideous teal scabbard set which clashes the rest of the ensemble. (Download Link)

Geralt Cloak:

Geralt looks cool when wrapped in a thick wool cloak. And new key bind has Geralt raise as well as lower his hood, with the dependence of your mood and weather. (Download Link)

Witcher 3 Wild Hunt - Contest Entry | The witcher wild hunt, The ...

 Sezon Burz Witcher Gear:

It appears in several levels of the game with power options so you can wear the gear throughout the Northern Kingdom adventure. (Download Link)

Indestructible Items:

Indestructible Items pulls out of the game the entire weapon vault degradation system. It’s a small change in the source but with significant effects. (Download Link)

AMM – The Appearance Menu:

It transforms Geralt and Roach with adding cloaks,  haircuts and change of appearance in armour which create a new preset of you. (Download Link)

Ciri - Alternative look | Ciri, The witcher, The witcher game

Realistic Weather:

A better weather experience when you play in Novigrad and environs,  pick up this relatively recent mod. It shows a heavy emphasis on fog, more snow in Skellige and with a light rain of animations. If it is so extreme, you can freely change with console commands in the description page which has a list of settings. (Download Link)

Photo Mode:

Its toggle button freezes the game and flies the camera in a  3D space for a perfect picture. Also, options with fog and mist to make a nice shot. (Download Link)

Fantasy Graphics:

The Fantasy Graphics mod remove bluish tints from the game and add tweaks to lighting to provide high fantasy look. (Download Link)

More Blood:

The Witcher 3 adds more Blood of bucket loads of Blood and with blood trails. Geralt cover in Blood sprays off from swords blood, demons black Blood. It’s a place with shady Blood all over. (Download Link)

More Shadows

A mod with more Shadows adds with dynamic shadows in-game light sources to many like torches shadow in the wall of a guard, etc. (Download Link)


It makes massive changes to “The Witcher 3’s” combat, alchemy, and other systems.

This Mod Aims To Further Overhaul The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt's ...

The Enhancement System:

It makes NPC weapons and armours, like Imlerith’s giant mace and several others, for Geralt through merchants or crafting. New schematics shops allow weapon options, and upgrades for relics available as well. A lot of change will happen here as this option is a bit doozy to install. (Download Link)

The Witcher 3 Enhanced Edition:

The unique feature is it remove autotarget. Instead of twirling around enemies with a sword, Geralt’s acrobatic go wherever you point him to attack. It means you charge, flip behind the enemy or enemy’s shield. (Download Link)

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