Top 5 Best Dropbox Alternatives That You Would Find Useful!

Users felt challenging to back up their online files at the beginning for which came to a remedy called Dropbox. Moreover, this platform allowed users to access data fro their gadgets. However, this was at the start; now, we can work in collaboration with others. And also, the work is always available despite your location or the gadget used. Various types of people make use of this feature like freelancers, teams and consumers from the world. Moreover, platforms like desktop and mobile phones support these services. Eventually, your files can get accessed from any remote location.

Moreover, it has 11 million users, approximately paying and 500 million registered users. It is what comes to the mind of all when people tell about cloud storage devices.

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Dropbox Features

  • Dropbox gives us different plans for different users. Moreover, it offers more features than the others. Eventually, it has a free program to store up to 2GB for storage and use with three devices.
  • Dropbox paper tool of Dropbox helps you to merge with people on the other side quickly.

Dropbox Pros and Cons


When it comes to Dropbox, it is one of the simplest apps that are integral to its tools and services. Moreover, compared to the other cloud providers in the market, Dropbox strongly believes in making everything easily accessible and keeping things simple. Even if you are not good at computers, still you can quickly pass the gateway and learn how to use Dropbox. Eventually, it offers the app for all the devices like Windows, Andriod, Mac, and iOS, through which we can easily sync and access the files in the gadgets.


Even though it offers a variety of features, the services it offers are not suitable for different uses. Moreover, it only provides 2Gb storage for its free users while some others in the market provide more than this. Dropbox Paper may help to collaborate with others, but it is the only tool available. However, the zero level encryption provided.

Best Dropbox Alternatives For Better Cloud Storage 

When we talk about the best alternatives for Dropbox, the thing that strikes us first is GoogleDrive, Sync and pCloud. Here we will see the Top Five best options for Dropbox. The following list below gives us the other options for Dropbox such as;

1. that has its base in Toronto stands at the top among the other cloud storage apps. Moreover, it ranks the highest with more extensive free service plans and takes top place in the best zero-knowledge cloud services. These two services make Sync a good competitor with Dropbox. Moreover, when you sign in at first, you are given 5Gb, which is 3Gb more than the Dropbox. But later on, inviting the friends to use and several other things extra gigabytes gets added. After the friend joins, you get an additional of 20 Gb provided. And also, the friend who signed in gets a bonus gigabyte.


  • also has better plans with more realistic values.
  • Moreover, its Personal Pro 2TB plan is only $8 per month on a yearly subscription, which is cheaper than Dropbox.
  • Eventually, grants a 500GB personal plan, which makes it more amenable.
  • It offers free apps for Windows, iOS, Mac and Android.
  • Remote Device lockout feature helps to lock your device from any distant or remote location.
  •  The privacy and the security of the devices also provided.

2. pCloud

One of the cheapest cloud storage applications available in the market is pCloud. Moreover, it provides 10Gb free cloud storage on signing up. On the referrals, you get an additional of 5Gb for each reference to store.


  • The service offers Swiss zero-knowledge privacy and client-side encryption as its a Swiss Company
  • Provides apps for Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, Windows and Adobe lightroom
  • It has many features for more natural collaboration
  • Cheaper than the document and file storage services

3.Google Drive

Google Drive is a free cloud storage service that is a part of Google. Moreover, it has 15Gb of free storage space using which you can back up the images for free that is not a part of that 15 Gb. Eventually, this is one of the best apps for many users to back up work and personal files.


  • More collaboration features and tools.
  •  15 GB free storage services offered.
  • All your images get backed up for free to Google photos.

4. Box

Box is a cloud storage service created for collaborative teams and businesses. Moreover, it offers dozens of tools and features to improve your workflow and easily collaborate with others in your group. Eventually, the primary use is for collaboration.


  • 10 GB storage on the free plan offered.
  • Apps for all the gadgets.
  • MS Office 365 home alliances.
  • User administration tools.

5. Backblaze

Backblaze is a foremost computer cloud storage and backup company based in San Mateo, California. Moreover, it has millions of gigabytes of backed up data. Backblaze is one of the best Dropbox options around. During the free trial, they offer you unlimited data storage to backup your computer.


  • Affordable than Dropbox
  • 15-day free trials
  • Provides iOS and Android to access files
  • Hundreds of integrations to readjust your workflow
  • Enterprise-level security
  • Locate the missing or stolen computer

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