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The coronavirus pandemic has taken over the world, there is no denying it. With the virus making us stay at home, most of us have excess time on our hands. For the first time ever, people have no idea what to do with this excess time. To fill the void in their lives, many have turned to movies, TV shows, and web series. Many streaming service, like Netflix mod and Prime Video mod is available out there. However, these premium streaming options are rather costly. Not many are able to afford these high prices. Well, don’t worry, we have the solution for you! Today, we talk about the Amazon Prime Video Mod APK. Read on to find out more!

Amzon Prime Mod apk

Amazon Prime Video Mod Apk: Overview

Amazon Prime Video Mod Apk, aka Prime Video, is a popular video-on-demand service. Prime Video was developed and owned by Amazon. Prime Videos allows a user to purchase or rent TV shows and movies. However, if you are a member of this streaming platform, you also get access to Amazon Studios original content.

Back in 2006, Amazon Prime Video initially debuted as Amazon Unbox in the United States of America. In 2008, the service underwent its first rebranding and was called Amazon Video on Demand. However, the service did not fare well and then discontinued. Amazon decided to give Prime Video another chance by bringing it back in 2011. The biggest dealbreaker was that the Prime Video offered more than 5,000 movies and TV shows. Prime Videos also partnered with Epix to combat the might of streaming giants, Netflix.

Amazon prime video mod apk

The streaming service is now available worldwide, even in some of the remote places of the earth.  Prime video has expanded to countries like Belgium, France, Canada, India, Poland, and Spain, to name a few. Furthermore, to attract customers, Amazon offers a promotional price of $2.99 per month for six months. For the subsequent months, a cost of $8.99 per month is what you need to pay.

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Amazon Prime: Accessing Prime Videos

Anyone can access Amazon Prime Video from whichever device they are using. iOS, Android, PC have their Prime app. However, MacOS users need to access Prime Video with the help of a web browser. Once you go to the app, you need to feed in your login credentials. Voila, you now have more than 18,405 movies and 1,981 TV shows at the tip of your hand.

Amazon prime video mod apk

Amazon Prime Video Mod Apk: Features

Amzon Prime Video mod apk is easily one of the most premium streaming service available out there. The service supports high-quality Video of up to 4K resolution. Users also have the option to stream using High Dynamic Range. Prime Video also supports 5.1 Dolby Audio. Unlike Netflix, Prime Video does not set a limit on the maximum number of screens you can watch on. For those of you who love subtitles, Prime Video also supports closed-captioning for every movie and TV show.

Unlike other streaming services, you can also access the X-ray and trivia feature. These features offer insight into the movie while even letting you know about the cast in each scene. Amazon also shows certain shows depending on the region. For instance, you can stream a host of movies and TV shows in your regional language. Furthermore, movies and TV shows are served based on your culture, ethnicity and religion.

Amazon Prime Video Mod APK Download

Prime Video is famous around the world. The 4.3 ratings on the Play Store coupled with more than 100,000,000 downloads, speaks for its popularity. However, Prime Video may be pricy in some areas of the world. Not everyone can shell out the amount of cash demanded by Amazon. Well, we have the perfect solution for you! The Amazon Prime Video Premium Mod APK offers all the services provided by Amazon for free.

Amazon prime video mod apk

The first step is of course, downloading the Amazon Prime Video Premium Mod APK file. As the name suggests, the file comes in the .apk extension. Once you finish downloading the file, you need to save it on your device. You can use the device’s memory or use an external storage device. However, if you are using an external device, remember to plug it in when you wish to use Prime Video.

Once you install the APK file, you have to open the file. If you are on a laptop, this may take a few minutes. However, once installed, you can enjoy Prime Videos for free!

Amazon Prime Video Mod APK : Permissions

Most devices do not lt you tamper with them easily. If you wish to download an external file, you have to give permission to your device. The same is applicable for the Amazon Prime Video Premium Mod APK as well. On your device, click on the settings button. Once you are in, click on the Security option. the next step is searching for the option called Unknown Sources. Your device will ask you to read certain permissions. once you do read the, click on the Allow button. Clicking on the Allow button allows your device to trust various apps from various unknown sources. Now you have unlimited access to the Amazon Prime Video app!

Amazon prime video mod apk

Download Amazon Prime Video Mod Apk For Free:

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That’s all for today! Don’t worry; we will keep you posted with updates. Until then, continue reading with us!

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