CSR Racing 2 Mod : Unlimited Everything Download for Android

If you are in love with a vintage car and want to unleash the potential, then you are in the right place. CSR 2 is one of the most profound racing game. Recently, Zynga has released some new personalisation feature to their popular game. Elite Customs is one of the new features of this game. Through which players can customise and alter their car collection. Besides, can provide access to new liveries, wheel upgrades, interiors restructure and many more. Additionally, through Elite Customs players can renovate their garages. The only thing they need to follow is to give a personal touch to your collection.

To give more options for creation in the game, it has included exclusive custom paints, license plate mods, liveries and interior options, and wheel upgradation.  Also, it has plenty of decals and an open opportunity to add names, numbers, and even country flags to their vehicle.

To win Elite parts, one needs to compete in CSR Racing. Not only competing is essential but also winning. Although it could have other leverages, this is a must. The more you win, the more you will unlock the parts. Furthermore, it will give an open path to RP Bonuses, Fusion Upgrades, and also, Star Rarity Boosts.

A few selected cars are available for the customisation. Firstly, the Porsche Carrera GT, then Ferrari 250 GTO, and, McLaren F1. Though will more accessible in the future. ” A great initiation is there from the CSR2 team, that players should more focus on customisation and race that the cars of dreams. Along with this feature, it will show your racer identity” stated Julian Widdows, Vice President of CSR2. Furthermore added, ” Elite Customs will increase your car level to a never-seen option. Along with additional better- fitted parts and fusion slots”.

Realistic Graphics

One of the astounding features of CSR2 is quite famous and vulnerable. CSR2 has achieved quite an expertise in the detailed level of graphics. The game has embedded with frantic with fast-paced adventurous races. When you start talking with the winds while racing in the car feels the best moment of life.

Drag Racing Series

Once you participate in the game, you feel like you have become the real racer. Having a car is quite expensive, and racing on it just beyond imagination. But this game provides you with the opportunity to own your vehicle. No restrictions, no obligations,  and you are free to develop as you want. But make sure what you are up to and take precision.

Classic Car Restoration

CSR 2 has involved every classic car since 1960. Have you ever thought that you will have a McLaren p1? Or might be Aston Martin DB5? Not only you will have it in the game, but you can also revive all the features of these cars. However, not like any other game, but it gives a permanent image of the vehicle, despite upgrading it. However, you will see them rusty. Yes, you get it right, you will race rusty classic cars. You will spend your time restoring them.

3D and Photorealistic Graphics

One of the astounding highlights of CSR2 is its highly detailed level of graphics. Also, justice will this game provide you for your vintage car. It starts from the curves of Buggati Chiron to the racing speed of McLaren DB5. The set includes alluring and lucrative 3D graphics design. Also, virtual reality makes you feel like the real world—the real world with fascinating street racing. Besides, you will have a feel of owning not only Buggati but also Ferrari FXX K. Believe me this is the best you are getting in this CSR2 racing.

Diversified Games Modes

One of the most intriguing thing of this game is that it will never bore you. It has several game modes, which will keep changing from level level. Through this you will never get bore, instead you might would like to explore more. Along with that it also provides the right thing at right time, the time factor is very well maintained. The only difference between winning and losing will make by the precise time you start it and leverage you took while driving and your tuning. This game involves Ladder mode and various other mode which will keep you going. Unlike other car racing games, it gives an opportunity to compete with the opponent of real world. However, you will no more feel alone while playing the game, you can form and a crew and can become prestigious.

Customisation at Its Best

Just imagine any game without degradation? Vague and waste. Right ? It will like missing the salt in the food. CSR2 knows it very well, that’s the reason it has decided to take it beyond level. Not as simple as you think, that you will keep on winning an you will know where the upgradtion is. That is the most common thing all games include.

This will allow you to know the part of change. Also, where the upgration is taking place. You can judge the worthiness of the upgradtion by the blueprint which game provides you. Along with this, you will get to tune-up and nitro and final drive so that you can get the most of the cars.


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