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The start of August 2020 witnessed the arrival of Fall Guys for the gamers. When all the other prominent gaming studios were afraid to release their big games this year due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Mediatonic and Developer Digital stepped forward and discharged the game. It has managed to gain a massive fan following and has been received very positively among the gaming critics. It has received special praise for its wild gameplay, amazing graphics, and character designs.

But we know that every famous game comes with some noticeable hacks or glitches. Some prominent players have managed to discover these hacks inside the game. To tackle this problem, the game developers are trying hard to identify and remove all the players who are using unfair means to cheat in the game.

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That’s why we have decided to bring you Fall Guys apk which is completely safe and easy to use. Want to know about the best part? It also comes with various unlocked features. We advise you to go through our entire article to know more about this platformer battle royale game.

Fall Guys APK: Ultimate Knockout Details!

Apk Name Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Apk
Developed By Mediatonic
Published By Developer Digital
Version 1.1
OS Android 7.0 and above
Size 45 MB
Last Updated August 2020
Genre Platformer, Battle Royale

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout APK Features

100% Safe

If you are worried about Fall Guys apk containing any kind of virus or malware threat, then we assure you that this apk file is completely safe to install and use in your device. It has been declared safe by VirusTotal and various other prominent antivirus engines.

Less Storage

The size of Fall Guys apk is smaller in comparison to the original version of the game. But it doesn’t mean that it is not good enough to entertain you. You will get the exact thrills and enjoyment while playing this apk file like you do in the original version of the game. Also, it is coming with the latest version 1.1!

Recently Updated

Fall Guys apk has been updated very recently. So, you don’t have to worry about downloading other updates in this game. Your game will run very smoothly on your device without any kind of disturbance.

Unlimited Money (Kudos)

Yes, you read that right! Fall Guys apk comes with infinite money and various other in-game stuffs. Now, you have a golden opportunity of buying anything you want in the game and impress your buddies. The in-game currency of Fall Guys is known as Kudos. It can be used to buy various cosmetics and emotes in the game.

Players have to finish their matches to earn the Kudos in the original version. But you will be given unlimited Kudos in Fall Guys apk. Also, we are not forgetting Crowns!

Chaotic and Unique Gameplay

There is no doubt in admitting that Fall Guys is a complete mayhem. Not more than 60 players are allowed to compete in the matches. The game has been given a battle royale style because of the increasing popularity of the battle royale games like Fortnite, PUBG, and others (You can visit our Telegram channel to get their hacked mod apks as well. Link has been provided at the bottom of this article).

All players in the game have been designed as jelly beans. They can perform several activities like jumping, diving, grabbing, and many more inside the game. Our ultimate goal is to get qualifies for the next upcoming rounds. To do that, we have to complete our mini-games successfully which were chosen randomly. Most of the mini-games have the same goal and that is to reach the finish line given at the end of our map. The more you finish the mini-games, the more obstacles will be bestowed to your character to boost the level of complexity in the game.

Those guys who turn out be very slow or who fail to achieve some certain in-game requirements for the mini-game get removed and they end up losing the game. The player who manages to become the last living player in the match becomes the winner.

Reality of Fall Guys apk for Android

Nextalerts always aim to provide original and working content i.e. a genuine content. So I want to tell you that fall guys is only for Xbox and PC users, there is no Fall Guys Android Version officially but don’t worry we have a solution. If you don’t have a gaming laptop or pc and if you want to play Fall Guys in your android device, then we have an alternate of Fall Guys which have almost same features as Fall guys and then most important thing it is free and available for your Android Device.

Fall Dudes 3D APK : [Alternative of Fall Guys APK]

Full Dude 3D is the best alternative of Fall Guys apk with the same features as in fall guys. You can enjoy playing this awesome game until fall guys for android is not announced. Fall Guys for android will be announced and will be released very soon as the demand of this game is very high. But till it is not releasing enjoy this awesome alternative and I promise you will enjoy playing this and you will not find much difference from fall guys.

Download Fall Dude 3D for Android (Alternative of Fall Guys APK) :

  • Download Fall Dude 3D from the official Google Play Store Link
  • Now let the downloading and installing to be done.
  • After successfully installation, open the game and enjoy playing
  • That’s it.

FAQ : Fall Guys APK :

Q. Is the Fall Guys APK officially available for Android ?

No till today Fall Guys is not available for Android.

Q. Will Fall Guys available for Android?

Yes sure very soon fall guys will be officially available for Android but till that enjoy the alternative of fall guys.Q.

Q. When fall Guys will be released for Android?

Nobody knows when fall guys will be released for android as developer does not confirmed the release date.

Q. Is this Alternate same as Fall Guys APK?

Yes. this alternate is almost same as fall guys apk. You can enjoy playing this.

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