Madam Secretary Season 7: New Season Cancelled or Renewed on CBS? Know Release Date, Cast, Plot, and more!

‘Madam Secretary’ is a political drama in which Tea Leoni is the main lead. It premiered the first time in 2014 on CBS. However, this drama’s story is entirely fictional, but it gives a peek inside the life of a female secretary. The theater provides the viewers with a real-time picture of a female Secretary that balances her professional and personal life. This drama has a commendable script.

Moreover, the female lead of this drama has done a strong performance. With such a strong lead actress and a powerful script, the makers had to renew the drama. Therefore, in 2019 the sixth season of this political drama resumed, and everyone across the globe loved it. After the successful six seasons, now everybody is wondering that when will the seventh season release.

Release Date of Madam Secretary Season 7: Renewed or Cancelled?

During the sixth season, the lead actress Star Leoni and the President of CBS Entertainment expressed their final goodbye on the social media to this drama series. However, CBS has not given any clarification regarding their decision. The reason may be that they wanted to conclude the storyline. Moreover, this political drama series was also suffering from falling ratings and wrong viewership numbers. Nobody knows the exact reason. But there is a final confirmation regarding the cancellation of the seventh season of Madam Secretary. However, the fans have expressed their disappointment on social media. Moreover, they have demanded a spin-off ‘Madam President.’

Therefore, we can expect more of McCord soon because of the demand of the fans. Let’s wait and hope for the best. Stay tuned for the latest updates.


  • Tea Leone played the role of the main lead character of the drama Elizabeth Bess Adams McCord. She was the President of the United States, and before that, she was a Secretary of State. Her old boss Conrad Dalton appointed her. Before this period, she spent twenty years of her life as a CIA analyst. Moreover, she also became a professor of Political Science at the University of Virginia after that.
  • Tim Daly played the role of Henry McCord. He is the First Gentleman of the United States and, therefore, is Elizabeth’s husband. He was also a theology professor and also an operative in facing the religious extremism. Henry also becomes the head of the CIA Special Activities Division.
  • Zeljko Ivanek as Russel Jackson. He is the Chief of Staff of the White House. His primary duty and objective are to keep the President secure and safe at home.
  • Erich Bergen is playing the role of Blake Moran. He is Elizabeth’s assistant and is the one who Elizabeth trusts a lot. Rather than inheriting him, Elizabeth hired him, and that is the rarest thing to happen.

As there is the news of the cancellation of the seventh season making rounds, even if there will be a renewal of the new season, we have no idea about the cast of that season. But we can hope these main stars to revive their roles as they have been there from the beginning of the drama. Hence, stay tuned for all the new and official updates.



The plot of the political drama series ‘Madam Secretary’ revolves around the central character of Secretary Elizabeth McCord. She is a strong independent woman who is full of determination and strong will. Elizabeth runs international politics and also battles with the politics that happens in the office. This drama series not only tells about the professional life of the character but also focuses on personal experience. The last season of this drama series showed that Elizabeth had won the race and became the first woman POTUS. The series focuses on her roles as a President and her personal life as well. She is the best example of a Woman Empowerment. She has in-depth political knowledge and is commendable in knowing multiple languages. Elizabeth not only thinks out of the box but also execute her plans very well.

Reviews and Ratings:

IMDb has given a rating of 7.6 out of 10.

Many critics have reviewed this drama series. However, there is a conclusion that this drama show portrays a perfect organic balance between Elizabeth’s personal and professional life. The writing of the script is brilliant and sharp. The viewers have seen amazing chemistry between Tea Leoni and Tim Daly. Moreover, chemistry looks not only natural but also very authentic and moving. The direction of this series has also gathered many praises. Eric Stolz has given a fluid and creative direction. He also appeared in many of the episodes of the drama series.

Therefore this drama series is not only smart but is also very moving and engaging. This drama series is a fiction, but it raises concerns over the critical issues to discuss. Moreover, the best thing about this drama series is that the whole series revolves around a central character. It happens in significantly fewer shows that it makes you cry and think about an entirely fictional story.

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