Greenleaf Season 6: Release Date, Cast, Plot and Everything else you need to know!

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The Greenleaf series is a drama show that revolves around the Greenleaf family. A part of a megachurch, the show revolves around the family’s struggle from spilling their secrets in the open. Greenleaf Season 1 first aired worldwide on June 21, 2016. Since then, the creators have come out with four subsequent seasons.

All five seasons are available for streaming on Netflix. You can also watch the series from the numerous third party websites available these days. Today, we look at Greenleaf Season 6. Will there be a season 6, or is the show canceled for good? Read on to find out more!

Release Date: Greenleaf Season 6

The official announcement is out, Greenleaf will not return for Season 6. The creators at OWN announced to ‘Deadline’ that there wouldn’t be any Season 6. However, don’t get disappointed; we have good news for you! Many sources suggest that the creators are coming up with a spinoff series. The creators had initially decided that Greenleaf would premiere only five seasons. Oprah Winfrey and Craig Wright had decided this when they were shooting the five seasons of Greenleaf.


Season 5 did tie up the entire show in a mature manner. No loose ends were left unturned. Furthermore, the cast and crew also put up rather emotional messages on Twitter and Instagram, bidding farewell. With these enthralling messages, fans were sorry to hear the end of the enigmatic Greenleaf series. However, on May 19, 2020, Greenleaf took to twitter, posting ‘Hallelujah.’ The post came along with a short teaser trailer. We still await news regarding the cast and crew for the upcoming spinoff series. OWN announced that the fan investment helped accelerate the production of this series! Such is the power of the fans!

Cast: Greenleaf Season 6

As mentioned above, Greenleaf will not air Season 6. However, we may see the same cast in the spinoff series that is currently under production. Sources expect additions to the crew as well. Keith David played the role of Bishop James Greenleaf. Moreover, James is none other than the protagonist of the show. Keith plays his role rather wonderfully. The renowned actor has played a part in many other movies as well. Also, some of his notable work includes Community, Gargoyles, and Spawn. Lynn Whitfield played the role of the First Lady, Daisy Mae Greenleaf. Just like Keith David, Lynn is world-renowned as well. She has acted in movies such as Solace and the Josephine Baker Story.


The couple’s children are Grace Greenleaf, Jacob Greenleaf, and Charity Greenleaf. Merle Dandridge, Lamman Rucker, and Deborah Joy Winans play their roles, respectively. Grace is the oldest child in the family who decided to return home after a long twenty years. Jacob, the son, is the second born in the family who is also a Pastor, working at the Church. The youngest child, Charity, plays the role of the Minister of Music. The cast has previously acted in other movies and shows as well.

Storyline: Greenleaf Series

The entire Greenleaf series revolves around the Greenleaf family. The family consists of five members, including James Greenleaf and Lasy Mae Greenleaf. Furthermore, the couple has three children named Grace, Jacob, and Charity. All five seasons uncover the various secrets and the numerous lies hidden here for generations. To spice things up, the Greenleaf’s firstborn child, Faith, died in an accident. The eldest sibling decided to return to her family after nearly twenty years. The creator, Oprah Winfrey, also makes numerous appearances in the show as Mavis Greenfield. Mavis is none other than the children’s aunt.

Plot: Greenleaf Season 6

As the show is canceled, we cannot expect a plot for a non-existent season. The previous season strung up all the losses ends, leaving no stone unturned. Season 5 ended with Lady Mae gratefully thanking her daughter, Grace, for bringing peace. Furthermore, James Greenleaf also passed away. Grace Greenleaf also managed to return the Church to them as well.


As for the upcoming spinoff series, no announcements have come yet regarding the plot. We have to wait for OWN to release the sequel. We can surely expect the new series to be as exciting as the Greenleaf show!

Trailer: Greenleaf Season 6

As of yet, there is no hope of Greenleaf returning for Season 6. This news, in turn, means that we do not have a trailer to look forward to. However, if the creators do come out with the spinoff series, we will let you know about it.

Despite Greenleaf’s immense popularity, many might not have heard of it. If you are one of them, don’t worry, we have you covered. We have linked the first look video from the first season, which offers a great insight into the show. Here is the video in all of its glory!

That’s all for today! Don’t worry; we will keep you posted with updates. Until then, continue reading with us!

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