Among Us Mod Menu APK/iOS Hack v2020.9.9: [Always Auto Imposter + See Imposter +iOS Hack] Download

Introduction of Among us Mod Menu APK v2020.9.9 :

Among us Mod Menu APK is an online game, where many players are required to run this game. This game was released by Innersloth. Among us Mod Menu APK is basically a teamwork game and in this game, the action of betraying a group or a person occurs. In this online game, players may take the role of crew members or it’s called as the role of an imposter. Actually the main reason is discovering something that was wrong among the crew members. That’s why, a crew of 10 has made for a journey to search the great mysteries by exploring the universe. The another main target is to find out the imposter among the ten crew members. There is also an essential reason behind this. That was the infiltrating techniques of the crew groups with betraying all members and to prevent them from leaving the space. Some bad persons are doing this type of things repeatedly, deliberately.

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Details of Among Us Mod Menu Hack APK :

Apk name Among Us Mod Menu APK/iOS
Apk Version 2020.9.9
Apk Size 59 MB
Last Update 10 September 2020
Price Free
Android Support Yes
iOS Support Yes


Introduction of Among Us Mod app:

Among us MOD APK version 2020.9.9

This is basically a video game. It’s an alteration or modification by the players of the game that may change one or more than one features or aspects of a video game. For that purpose it looks very nice, very much attractive. In the year 1980, Mod apps or Mod games are used for creating art works. It was used in art work as opposed to an actual or original game. Some things may include in this app. These are introducing recording game action as the films, reproducing areas of real – life inside the game with no regard. After introducing the recording game action in the game as film and attempting of reproduction of real – life areas inside the game, many peoples may become a good fan of this awesome online game. Sometimes, the term vanilla is used here that refers the unmodified version of the game or simply, the original game. When Mods will be very popular, players may clarify that they will refer to the unmodified version or original version of the game, during talking about the game playing.

Features of Among Us Mod APK:

MOD APK version 2020.9.9

    • Unlimited Emergency Meetings and Chat:


Among Us Hack iOS :-

We brought a special among us hacked version for your iOS. If you are using iOS and to to use hack of among us then you are at right place by using this you can play hack of among us in your iOS without jailbreak. So why to wait lets talk about features of Among us Hack iOS.

Features of Among us iOS Hack :-

No Jailbreak Needed :-

You don’t need jailbreak in order to use this hack version of among us in your iOS device.

Supportive Devices :

Apple 64 bit, old devices like iPhone 4 does not work for this hack. iOS 14 supported and also less then iOS 14 also supported.

Unlocked Skins :

Various skins are unlocked in this mod version of among us iOS.

Unlocked pets and Hats :

Pets and Hats are unlocked in this hacked version of iOS among Us.

Imposter Hack Special :

Among Us Always Auto Imposter enables you to be an imposter everytime when you activate this hack. Also you will be able to see the imposter using this among us mod menu hack apk

Other features of Among Us iOS Hack :-

  • No Ban Issues
  • No Ads
  • Wide Range of Lights


How to play this game?


  1. Firstly, you have to choose multiple online game modes to play with four to ten members. You may use local WiFi to operate this.
  2. Players may be crew members or an imposter.
  3. To move the screen, just touch the screen or use joystick with control button D – pad.
  4. Firstly you have to determine that who want to play with whom and if you want to play with your friends and if you don’t want to share, set to private option.
  5. If you want to play with others, set public option and share the room code.
  6. You can change the settings about the speed of the game, number of imposters etc.
  7. If some player is arrogant, host player can ban him permanently from the game.
  8. To fill the gauge, you have to fill the tasks provided in the game.
  9. According to the vote, you have to select the imposters, who will get more votes, they will be automatically ejected out from the ship.
  10. If you don’t have enough or too much information regarding the voting technique, just skip the voting technique and try to collect more and more informations.

Steps to Download and Install Among Us Mod APK

  1. To install the latest version, first of all you have to uninstall the original version or the previous version.
  2. Then you have to download the file of Among us Mod APK version 2020.9.9 from below link
  3. Then, you have to proceed with the install option.
  4. Finally open the game and enjoy the game’s new version and finally share your experience with others so that others can download this game.
  5. Now you can play this game on your android device. It’s basically dramatic and time engaging online game where multiplayer are required for operating the game.

How to login your ID after installing Among Us Mod APK? (Root and Non-Root)

Root Users :-

Root Users can simply login like in the original version. There is no such a specific problem to sign in for root users.

Non- Root Users :-

Non-Root users can not sign in using using Google+ in Among us Mod APK. They can only login through facebook but to login using facebook they firstly have to remove the Facebook from the device then only they will be able to login using facebook.

Download link of Among Us Mod APK:

There are two mod versions of Among us Mod APK one is for Non-Root Users and other is for root users. Root users can simply sign in using there Google or facebook ID but Non-root users can only login through Facebook ID. Also to login using Facebook firstly you have to remove Facebook from your device then only you will be able to login using facebook.

Download Among Among Us Mod Menu APK AUTO Imposter Special from here

Download Among us Hack iOS IPA (iOS Hack Special)

A special thanks to Platinmods Team for creating the mod of Among Us apk.

If you follow the above steps mentioned in the download and installation section of the latest version, you will be able to understand the procedure of finding the download link.

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So, from the above mentioned points, we can conclude that Among us Mod APK version 2020.9.9 is an online game where multiplayer are used. This game may get high fan based position if some additional requirements may be done. Those are the addition of recording game action in the game as film and reproducing the real – life areas inside the game to improve its quality and to transfer it from vanilla, original or unmodified version to new, latest version 2020.9.9.

FAQ : Among Us Mod APK

Ques :- Is this support any type of ads ?

Ans:- No, not at all Among Us Mod apk do not support any type ads. It is ads free mod apk and user friendly.

Ques:- If I use mod or Hack version of Among us, then is there any chance of getting banned ?

Ans :- Till now there is no banned issue but don’t know about future so use it at your own risk.

Ques:- Will my data can be hacked if I use Among us Mod APK?

Ans:- No, your data is safe there is no chance of getting your data hacked by using Among us Mod APK.

Ques:- What about Root and non-root version of Among us Mod APK?

Ans :- Using Root version you can be able to login simply, there is no issue regarding login in root version of among us mod apk but your device must be rooted in order to use root version of Among us Mod APK. In non-root version you can not login through G+ ID but can login through facebook but you have to remove or disable Facebook app from your device.

Ques:- Is this Among Us mod APK Hack safe to use?

Ans:- Yes, this among us Mod apk is 100% safe to use. There is no risk in using it

Ques:- Do I need a new login Id?

Ans: If you are a root user, then you can easily log in with your id which you used in the previous version. Non-root users can log in using Google+ in Among Us Mod APK.

If you are still having any problem then do comment below, we will help you.

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