“Outbreak Company Season 2”: Release date, Characters, Plot all you need to know about!

A highly distinct concept was covering the social unevenness in community and society like racism and other standard norms practised in all around by people. It highlights all the responsibilities of otaku in an individual and organisation. ‘Outbreak Company’ is based on the novel penned by Ichiro Sakaki.

Giving rise to the cultural impulses in the story it provides some glimpses of the dark side in Japan where the Elves and the dwarves have a typical encounter with each other.

Brings more dramatic assistance to the story and generously there’s almost no action-adventure in the anime. However, the viewers who reluctantly watched season 1 are wishing for the next element soon in the future.


It will be surprising if season 2 of ‘Outbreak Company’ releases in sudden or soon at any time. But by far, it seems that there is no such is discussed among the creators.

Another aspect we should not forget about is the production house barely managed to complete season 1 due to their terrible budget issues that they were facing from the beginning of this project. As the first season was not that up to the streak reaction by fans and critics, the producers are not taking any possibility of creating the continuation of the last thread. It was not solely made to promote the manga series and is considered to be fragile by other anime lovers.

As the expectations are to rock bottom, The new season may get released lately in 2021. As of now, no date is crystal clear, and no chance for season 2.


Season 1 of ‘Outbreak Company’ is exclusively available on Crunchyroll, Hulu, and HiDive. It also shows the English subtitles with the Japanese track in the background.


The story of ‘Outbreak Company’ revolves around a boy named Shinichi Konu. Who spends plenty of time reading manga comics, watching different shows of anime, and playing video games. He is obsessed with typical Japanese pop culture and dissipates himself according to his comfort zones. He was mainly living at his home. At some moment, he feels as outlived by the social life and determines to change himself by applying for a job available at that period. He thinks he will be able to leave his home and engage himself with his work at the office, separating him from what he was doing earlier.

But unfortunately, he gets abducted due to some curls and turns in the occurrences of the story plot.

He sees himself being transported to the magic land of the Eldant Empire. Including the world of elves, dwarfs, and many other fictional-never saw land before. With wholly indulged in the whole new world, he asks for help and support but finds it very difficult due to his comfort enhanced nature.

However, he has later been instructed to use his vast knowledge from the experience he had as a manga reader and anime viewer. He is told to promote the otaku culture under the influencing title of ‘Otaku Missionary’.

On his way to accomplishing his mission, he meets a half-elf maid called Myucel and Petralka who is also notably the princess of the Eldant Empire. After gaining the support of the Japanese government for ‘Otaku Missionary’, his journey with two ladies comes with a lot of obstacles like discrimination and other political and diplomatic hurdles. But to achieve the goal to complete ‘Otaku Missionary,’ they have to surpass all their complications coming between.


The series premiered its season 1 on October 4, 2013, and had its finale episode on December 20, 2013. With the span of 2 months, the show gained a good number of fans who look up to the character build-up of the protagonists.


As said earlier, he is the essential character among the three. The Anime-comic lover is brought up peacefully by his parents, who are both novel artists. Because of his Otaku love and affection, he is rejected once by a girl, and as a result, he drops out himself from the school and refuses to join again. However, when his parents threats him to join the school back or they will dump him, makes him decided to join too. He lives on the other side as a proud otaku promoter and despises when someone looks down on him.


Half-elf maid, with long blond hair who looks herself low as a maid. But with Shinichi in life, he blooms her will power to stand firm in society. With her loyalty to the hero, she is beloved foremost. More than this, she is friendly to every creature in the magic territory. A sense of romance is felt by her when she spends more time with Shinichi by knowing how well natured he is, and he doesn’t have a problem with her being a half-elf.


Another one of the main characters, a beautiful girl with green eyes, blue hair with a fantastic gown. Unlike Myucel, who learns Japanese from Shinichi, Petralka already has mastered Japanese and is among the fewest to know it. She hates criticism and is annoyed when someone calls her kid. She is also jealous of other girls who look prettier than her. She believes in proving herself a great ruler but fails indeed. Being too short-tempered, she gives a humorous touch to the series and also has some inner feelings for Shinichi who is also interested in reading manga like her.

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