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It’s no more a secret that entertainment seekers can fulfill their excitement for new shows not only on television but also on their smartphones, tablets, and while not to forget about laptops too. Thanks to online streaming apps and platforms that provide a whole new level of easiness for the viewers and fans to watch the shows any time, anywhere. Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Disney+, youtube TV, Mx player, and many more, who are the ones providing the shows of international language with some suitable prices. However, Platforms like Hotstar, Sonyliv, Zee 5, Voot, etc provide the daily national viewers with their daily updates in their shows.

Voot mod is one providing infinite fun and entertaining subjects for viewers with almost every genre possible. For the specifics who stick to Indian style to the one’s looking for international thrills.



This mod is free for android users and is compatible with 5.0 versions. The developer of course is none other than the famous Viacom 18 Network with absolutely free of cost at a very small size of 19.7 MB.


Since the arrival of the COVID 19 pandemic, the world has been slowed down. People are getting bored stuck in their homes while restricting themselves from engaging in public events and gatherings. Hence, people all over the world are looking for some medium to keep themselves busy. And one such medium is sticking to the web series and shows made available by different streaming platforms. May it is Netflix, Hulu, or Disney +, every streaming platform is providing several new shows for their fans. Greatly, Indians have voot mod. The platform is all about Indian shows and Hindi origin languages. And of course yes, if you wish to watch shows of some tv channels like MTV, Colors ( of any language channel in India), comedy central, Colors Infinity, and much original created shows of Voot itself. Henceforth, creating a whole new platform and stage for Indian people living across the whole world and not just limiting its range to the country only. The app is getting massive subscribers and users increasing with a boost effect day by day. The best thing about this platform is its visuals and effects that we get while using it. It is much smoothing to eyes that attracts the viewers to hunt and explore for more. The design is done according to users’ flexibility and the gadget’s capacity to stream flawlessly and doing fewer errors.


The one who uses it will never complain about any deficiency of entertainment in his daily life. This bundle of distinct and original shows provides a lot more than we are even just thinking about. Some features are as follows:



Generally, the old age group menu for attraction. It provides absolute regional daily soaps and shows which one can enjoy flexibly without really waiting for hours to have its turn to watch Television.



Yes. This app can also stream music of your favorite genres. While working from home, we might need a little space for refreshments with soothing songs to relax. Or, who knows,  searching for some source of energy to finish the work fast and energetically?



The most important maybe. The original creations of Voot itself are available on the platform. The series of almost every genre is present on it. Not only series but also the movies and films of Voot creation. Asur and Illegal are the ones recently gaining massive viewers for themselves. The age group that is involved in this is mainly the adolescents and 20s members.



All the channels under Viacom 18 networks are streamed live on this app. Whether it be Colors TV of Hindi, Marathi, Kannada, Telugu, Gujarati, The youngsters special, MTV, comedy central, News 18, and other else. The one who wishes to watch any missed episode or shows going live on TV can watch it with flexible body posture on their mobiles and gadgets anywhere, provided they have an Internet connection. From News to Daily soaps, every show that is being covered on the Television can be enjoyed without any disturbances and repeatedly watching the scenes that we like to. The main age group that is being favored is our aunts. The housewives that claim to increase their taste of food more, if they cook it by watching their favorite daily soaps side by side along with their noninteresting and long cooking process.



Yea, even our inches can enjoy their favorite sports events taking place gradually around any part of the world. Some live streaming and some may be a good unforgettable memory about their player’s spectacular performances. The app also streams some past award functions and events that someone may wish to watch it again.

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