Among Us Hack APK 2020.9.9 (All Unlocked, Auto Imposter, Wall and Speed Hack 100% Working) Free Download Mod APK


Although the Among Us Hack Mod versions are known as a cheating path for gaining success in any game, however, it is liable when it comes to one of the most downloaded games of India or The United States. The game is known for its exciting and unpredictable plot. The players are allowed for the teamwork while the revenge aspect is also used in this game finely. The game has gained immense popularity during the Covid 19 pandemic as the world faced a long and tiring lockdown in almost every single existing country on the globe. The Indians and Americans are having upper hands as most of the players in this game belong to these two countries.



There are some basic info to be learned about this app before proceeding further.

The app is been developed and published by Innersloth LLC. The game is said to mysteries and thriller but is originally an online action game. The latest version of this game is 2020.9.9 which is available in a small size of 70 MB of data. The game can be downloaded by the play store or from the third-party app links available at different sites. However, the one who prefers the original play store version can use the cheats, which are available on various sites also.

Details of Among Us Mod/Hack APK/iOS :

Apk name Among Us Mod Menu APK/iOS
Apk Version 2020.9.9
Apk Size 59 MB
Last Update 10 September 2020
Price Free
Android Support Yes
iOS Support Yes


The game starts when all the players are in the spaceship. The total players in a game vary from 4 members to 10 members, which are chosen by the host. He can also choose the total numbers of the impersonators among them and the remaining members will act as crew fellows. The players selected to do these roles can be connected to the servers from any part of the world. Maybe they can be from Africa, North America, Latin America, Japan, Middle East Asia, Australia, Eastern Europe, etc. The impersonators give the individual work for these crew members and they have to complete them before the impersonator kills them. The members are not known who the is impersonator in reality. While the real one can also fake and blame the others for being an impersonator. The impersonator is selected as a winner if he is able to kill all the partners. But if he fails then the one who survives is selected as a winner of the game. The real deal is he doesn’t have to let the other workers know that he is killing or have killed if any. The game is much more fun than it sounds, and the vast number of players it is gaining across the world is a definite example of it.

If someone is wishing to play with their friends then he can by creating a separate room for their game.



After realizing its increasing fame, the developers thought to add some new funny features and make this game more challenging simultaneously. These new features included in it involves some really interesting factors:

  • As far the online games are concerned, the main obstacle is the ads that pop up in between. Thanks to the developers that these ads will no more bounce now.
  • The tasks by the impersonator can be changed by the fellow crew members.
  • Earlier the chats were only visible to the players when made enable but now the chat section is always open.
  • Now, the limit of messages is infinite and the players are allowed to send as many messages as possible.
  • The pace of the work can be increased by the players provided with the tasks accordingly to their flexibility by leaving a hint behind for others.
  • The Among us Mod provides all skins, hats, and the pets open to use for the players.
  • The shadow and darkness can be removed out now, making other players visible.
  • The player doesn’t always have to be standing in the waiting room now.

Highlighted Features of Among Us Mod Menu APK/iOS Hack :

  1. Auto Imposter Hack
    Auto Imposter Hack means if you activate this hack from among us mod menu then you will always become imposter in the game and can have fun with your friends.
  2. Wall Hack
    You can walk from the wall no need to find secret path to kill or take down enemies, you can walk from wherever you want.
  3. Speed/Fly Hack
    Speed hack/Fly Hack means you will be able to move fast in comparison of your friends walking speed. You can use this hack by activating hack from Among us mod menu.
  4. No Kill Cooldown Feature
    Using this Among Us MOD APK/iOS allows you to get zero kill cooldown time, which means that you can make double or triple kills all by yourself. This is by far the coolest feature that you get in this Among Us MOD Menu Hack APK/iOS.
  5. See ghosts and chats Feature.
    Using this feature, you can see Ghosts and Chats, which will immediately let you know who the imposter is. This is a great deal if you are a Crewmate, and you will become the star of the crew and thus become a hero in front of your crew.
  6. Wall Hack Feature on Among Us MOD APK
    Using this hack lets you see through walls and obstacles, and thus it is a convenient hack. When used with the kill the farthest player hack and 2D radar hack, this is the most advantageous hack in this game. This will help you even kill the farthest player by detecting it using the 2D radar and avoiding walls and other obstacles using the wallhack.
  7. Instakill Hack on Among Us MOD APK
    This feature helps you quickly kill players in succession without any time delay and comes very handy to you in this game if you are playing an imposter’s role, leaving the crew members clueless with no time to react to it.
  8. Lighting Hack on Among Us MOD APK
    This hack enables you to see even if the lights are out and helps you in many ways giving you an upper hand in detecting other players in the game, be it crew members or the imposters.
  9. Unlimited Skins, Hats, and Pets
    This Among Us MOD Menu Hack APK/iOS also gives you unlimited skins, hats, and Pets so that you can do a little showoff to your crewmates.

Among us iOS Hack v2020.9.9

We have uploaded among us for iOS also which have same features as APK(Android). The Among Us iOS hack that we uploaded does not required Jailbreak, just install as normal app you do in your iOS device and play the full of entertainment Among us iOS hacked version in your iOS device. We will not discuss about the features again as we have already discussed the features above.


  • Delete the previously existing Apk file or game in the device.
  • Download the latest Among Us MOD Apk/iOS from the available third party link.
  • Look out for the corrupt file, if then, delete immediately.
  • After downloading successfully, search for viruses if downloaded by mistake.
  • After downloading and removing the virus, install the app on the device.
  • Now search for Among Us app on the menu and enjoy the game.



Absolutely yes. Although there had been certain rumors that the device needs to be rooted before installing the Among Us Hack MOD version of this game, which is not fully wrong. Root devices don’t need to take any special measures to be done to login to this Among Us Hack MOD app however, the ones who haven’t rooted their devices, can also login but they have to uninstall the Facebook App first before logging in. But can later be downloaded after logging successfully in-game.

Download Among Us latest version:


Among Us Mod Menu Hack APK


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People Also Asked for : Among Us Mod Menu APK

Q.1 Why Among us so popular?

Ans. You can play with your friends or family members which I think it is getting so popular in a very short period of time because it doubles the happiness.

Q.2 Is Among us Free to Install or Paid?

Ans. The Among us is absolutely free to install. No need to pay a single penny from your pocket in order to install this game.

Q.3 Is Among Us Cross Platform ?

Ans. Yes, no need to worry about devices, because it is cross platform. You can play using any supported device and enjoy with your friends.

Q.4 Can I play Among us Single or by myself?

Ans. You need atleast 4 players to play this game. You can either invite your friends or you can play with random online people.

Q.5 Can I talk in Among us ?

Ans. The answer is no, you can not talk in among us but there is a chat system by using which you can discuss about game but you can not talk, only chat supported in this game.

Q.6 Will I get banned if I use mod/hack version Among Us?

Ans. No, you will not get banned using our mod/hack version of among us apk.

Q.7 How do I change my name in Among Us Game?

Ans. You can change your name by following below steps :-

  • First of all open the game, and enter into the game by going online
  • Now at the Host Option, you will see Name Box option
  • from there you can change the name of your character.

Q.8 Is this mod/hack safe to use?

Ans. yes this is safe to use. There is no risk in using this.


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