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You must have used streaming apps like YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime etc. On these platforms, you can watch tons of fun and creative entertainment videos. Nowadays most of the population is of a new generation. Therefore watching television as a source of entertainment is way too old now. Only the older generation loves to wat h,h TV but they also are shifting from television to smartphones. For televisions and other famous OTT apps, we have to pay a certain amount of subscription fees like the majority of the users cannot afford to pay subscriptions. They start to look for free alternatives to these premium apps.

More often, you’ll see apps that provide free premium content, but that content is pirated in some cases. We can assure you that your private data is not going to be compromised to enjoy entertainment. Cyberflix TV works on share and plays principle. This application will play videos directly from the source servers. Cyberflix TV servers do not store any of the content provided by the cyberflix TV itself. You can watch videos of any genre on cyberflix TV. On top of that, you can watch premium videos in high quality without any restrictions. Read ahead to know more about cyberflix TV.

Cyberflix TV: features

Most of the free application does not provide many features to users. But due to the vast developer community, this app serves a lot of features to be explained. Some of them, we are going to discuss, and you will discover some too when you will use the app.

Calendar reminder

When a show is going to release in future, we remember the date and watch it on the day if it’s release, but this case is not for most of the people. Also, Cyberflix TV provides its users with a calendar reminder option. At first, this option may seem small, but for those who are diehard fans of watching shows but cannot remember their release date. This option is a lifesaver for those type of people. So from now on, whenever you want to add a reminder of shows, try using Cyberflix TV.

Categorised video sorting

Sometimes we want to watch shows that kill our boredom. Any show does the job, at that time it’s tough to find a display which can pass our time. At that time we try to see performances of genre which we love. Cyberflix provides videos divided into different categories which helps anyone to choose a show and start enjoying the vibe quickly. Users can browse categorised like trending shows, today releasing, top-rated, most-watched, reality, comedy, thriller, crime and much more. There is a particular category designed for kids so that they can’t watch age-restricted videos. But hey we are in modern world kids are smarter than adults.

Favourite mark

This feature is very minimal, but it’s beneficial for picky content viewers. Users can add their show into a favourites list. That means whenever a new episode is going to release, you will not need to search that show again. Also, you will automatically get a notification when a new episode of your favourite shows it’s released. These small features sum up to great user experience from the app.

Similar recommendations

Sometimes we get so interested in the show that while watching its last episode we think that this show should never end. But as soon as the episode ends and show finishes we look out for the other performance. Because we get too immersed in a specific genre, we don’t like to view other category shows. Cyberflix gives us a recommendation of similar presentations matching with the show user views. Cyberflix helps users to continue their endless entertainment without any interruptions and hassle.

IMDB reviews

Although this is a tiny feature but most of the times when people search for a show, they first check IMDB rating of that particular show. Cyberflix provides IMDB reviews of every show so that you can view them without searching out. It’s a passive but handy feature for viewers who believe in ratings of a show. 


This is probably the most fantastic feature, sometimes our internet does not works well, and we drop out the idea of watching shows. But with cyberflix TV, users can download their favourite shows and save them for offline usage. One can use this feature while travelling where internet is not possible strong. 

Multiple video players support 

Although Cyberflix TV is an all alone streaming application, users can choose from which video player their shows will be played. Cyberflix TV supports a wide variety of different video players. So whether you use any video player, you can watch shows on it. It’s excellent to view your favourite show on your local video player. 

High-quality links

Cyberflix TV provides high quality shows so that you can experience them at their fullest extent. You can watch shows from 360p to 2k quality depending on your internet quality. 

How to download

To download Cyberflix TV apk click on the link below

Download Cyberflix TV APK from here For Free

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