FM WhatsApp APK Latest Version 11.8: What all new features does it providing to the users?

Communication has been always a top priority for all the people to always be in connection with their relatives and close ones to share their problems, feelings, approval, excitement, disagreement, and many other aspects with each other.

WhatsApp has been the top medium of communication for maximum people and it’s users across the world. With less data usage for texts and availability of video calling and voice, calling makes it a very perfect app for short communications and even for long chattings. There had been certain development in this app from the past few years, ensuring the security and privacy factors of the consumers. As there’s always greed over a need and hence there are always many people who demand more than what they already have. However, thanks to technology in this subject, that there are some better modified WhatsApp Apps than the original one, which can meet the demands of these people. The developers are trying their best to full fill this. The best part of this is, the features are already more specific towards the security and privacy of an individual. So here are some instincts of this New MOD of Fm WhatsApp released recently in this year, 2020



This application is nearly similar to the original WhatsApp application. However, if someone wants his WhatsApp to have more visuals in it can surely try this. In addition to these visuals, some settings are much cooler and special for its user to use accordingly.

The new Fm WhatsApp MOD consumes very fewer data to download. The 51 MB is not available on the Google Play Store or App Store but is available to download with the help of an APK link from chrome, google, or any other search engine available for a smartphone. This Fm mods creation is freely available for its users. It only needs 4.1 or greater Android devices to support this app version.



As stated earlier, FM WhatsApp provides much cooler visuals and settings while comparing to the normal version of WhatsApp. The developer of this incredible app is none other than Foud Makkad and the app is under the label of the creation of Foud Apps. He provides many MOD apps to his users and FM WhatsApp is one of them. Despite being not available on Play Store, this app has been downloaded by millions of users through third-party links. With many beneficial points, the one who is downloading it should also have an anti-virus installed on their device previously to avoid any further cause to the device. With visuals and themes, the app is developed to provide various distinct settings like hiding last seen, hiding blue ticks, Changing interface icon, read the delivery report, read all deleted messages if even been deleted, download WhatsApp status, and many other settings not listed above. At an overall rate, the app provides some variety to the WhatsApp users other than which is already been provided by the original App.



If there are merits of any object, then there are sure to have some demerits of it also. The consumer that is using a product should always look and identify both faces of the coin instead of blindly accepting the cons while preaching about its pros. While similarly, one should never spread false information about any product and cover its good side. Hence every individual customer must search about the product thoroughly before its use.

Here are some Merits and Demerits of this new MOD of WhatsApp:


  1. Includes a setting that allows the users to read the deleted messages without the sender’s will.
  2. Can change the themes available in the library which consists of 1000+ themes in it.
  3. In ordinary WhatsApp, the user is only allowed to share with up to 5 images at a moment in a single message, while in this app the user can send up to 10 images in one go.
  4. Unlike the original Whatsapp messenger, from this app, the user is allowed to share large files up to the size of 700 MB
  5. The user can also see the WhatsApp status deleted by the other users, unknowingly to them.



  1. The original App is owned by Facebook recently. Which have increased the safety and privacy of the app very fluently. Nevertheless, this app has been always in question regarding the safety and privacy of the users. It is always been suggested to the users to avoid it if they are bound to use WhatsApp for their official works.
  2.  The next problem occurring in this app is the response. The MOD app is almost complete in every aspect than the original one but lacks the quick response. And someone who is punctual time will always avoid the MOD app and rather will use the official.


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