The Asterisk War Season 3 : Release date, Main characters, Plots, Recent updates and Streaming platform.

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Also known as famously, “Gausen Toshi Asutarisiku”, Asterisk war is a famous action anime television series which is an adaptation of the light novel series named the same as the show, written by author Yū Miyazaki. The manga series came into the picture later on after this light novel’s stunning views and popularity.

After this 2 successful releasement, the A-1 pictures production house adapted the same to the anime series which was premiered as a season 1 of the show The Asterisk War on 3rd October 2015 in Japan and later worldwide. As the acceptations, the show came to be gratifying for the fans and added itself to a large number of new viewers and spectators adding already having vast fanbase. After this success, the producers decided for the new season and it was renewed very shortly and season 2 of The Asterisk War was ready, which was released on April 2, 2016. Within a span of not even a year, the two seasons were on the table for fans to enjoy. Hence the fans’ questions about season 3 seem general which spectacles their enthusiasm for the continuation of the franchise further as soon as possible.



After the two successful seasons of The Asterisk War, it’s a most obvious topic of discussion for the fans about its season 3 release date. The first and second season was premiered in 2015 and 2016 respectively. Although years have been passed about and there’s no sign and official thread about season 3 and its renewal. Earlier it seemed that till the end of 2020 some glances of the progressing work will be revealed to the fans. But due to the pandemic and the upmost serious situation around the world, there is still a hold on this topic.

However, the light novel series is already publishing its series regularly to the respective dates, there needs to be no worry among the fans. There are many reasons to be optimistic about the renewal of the show and to hope for its new season’s premiere date. It is likely to get the release date of The Asterisk War’s release date somewhere in 2021 or in early 2022 if gets too prolonged. The fans would be delighted in happiness if the production declares the date all of sudden in 2020, which is nearly out of any context to happen accordingly.



Both the seasons of The Asterisk War are available on the Crunchyroll with its soothing Japanese original soundtrack and with corresponding English subtitles.



The story revolves around humans which have superpowers and are notably called ‘Genestella’. This situation is the result of the impact event called Invertia, which destroys many cities and places in the world. Succession to this event, the scenes describe how the world is running through severe economic distress which is around to be somewhere slightly in the future time period. This event of Invertia created havoc which saw the bending of power towards the mega-corporations and a group named as the integrated Enterprise Foundation rose to power.

The show covers the story of a young Genestella boy named Ayato Amagiri, who has just transferred into the world’s six best academies of Genestella, where tournaments called ‘Festas’ are held to test the capabilities of students in battle. He joins first the Seidokun Academy in the city of Asterisk, which is seemed to be 5th in the rank of among all. Ayato is very keen about the academy but however, he gets a harsh beginning when he chances on a girl named Julis Alexia mistakenly and gets challenged into a dueling war by her. The war doesn’t reach to result as the president of Seidoukan Academy student council, Claudia Enfield, jumps between them. However, the story later sees Julis and Ayato as close friends. The show also reaches a certain level where Ayato’s power being sealed off and he has to pass through all the hurdles in order to win the tournament with a help of a solid plan in which he decides with Julis, her teammate in the competition.



There are many characters but although the following have the upper hand in the story build-up:


Main protagonist, and a powerful Genestella who joins the Seidoukan Academy with the goal of finding her sister who disappeared in the Academy mysteriously. However, in spite of having a lack of interest in Festas, he has to fight without any choice and manages to defeat the former champion, Kirin Toudou becoming the highest-ranked student in Seidoukan Academy.



She is the princess of a small fictional country called Leiseltania present in western Europe and fifth-ranked warrior of Seidoukan Academy. She is an unfeared warrior who fights enthusiastically and she dreams of the grand slam which involves winning a phoenix, Gryps, and Lindvolves Festas. She later becomes the tag-team partner with Ayato in the Phoenix Festa.

The other are Kirin Toudou, Claudiya Enfield, Uncle Of Kirin and some others.

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