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Catastrophe Season 5: Release date, Cast and Everything what you need to know

Catastrophe, a British sitcom with its four-seasons, has won over our hearts. This drama sitcom is written by the stars in it Sharon Horgan and Rob Delaney. The show is an interesting pick to binge-watch. The story revolves around these two single characters  Rob and Sharon. They meet in London, where Rob is for a business meeting and Sharon is an Irish teacher, they both plan to have some fun together keeping in mind the idea of having no strings attached. But life has complications and things never go as you planned, Sharon unexpectedly becomes pregnant, and this completely unexpected news makes them a couple. Later, the story observes the complications they face, but the show sure has a lot of fun and drama elements stored for us. With four-seasons, it has a total of 24 episodes filled with laughter, love & drama.


Season 4 of the show came in 2018, and fans couldn’t keep calm but wanted more from the show. They also wanted to hear about all the updates on a new season of the show. Therefore, here we are clearing all your doubts about this amazing British sitcom Catastrophe Season 5! Continue Reading!

Release Date: Catastrophe Season 5

There has been quite some speculation going around about season 5 of the show. Fans have been wanting to know if the show has been renewed or cancelled, will it come back or the show has given us goodbye with season 4. We have sad news, season 5 of the show was officially cancelled. Sometime after the release of season 4, the official Twitter account of the show released a statement. They made sure fans knew that Season 4 is the finale of the sitcom. Considering this, we know fans have great power in their hand, which is showing the love they have for the show. Maybe the creators bring back Catatrophe some years later. But for now, the show officially stands to cancel and won’t be returning.

Cast: Catastrophe Previous Seasons

We completely adored the cast of this sitcom. These characters were seen in all the four seasons of the show. The protagonists Sharon Horgan as Sharon Morris and Rob Delaney playing as Rob Norris. There were other characters as well, Seeta Indrani, Tobias Menzies, Michaela Watkins, Chris Noth, Ashley Jensen, Mark Bonnar, and the late Carrie Fisher. One major factor that wasn’t given that much attention was Fisher played the role of Mia Norris, who was the mother of Rob.

These characters are likely to return if the show comes back with for season 5. We still have some hope, let’s keep calm and wait! We’ll keep you posted with every possible detail!

Reviews: Catastrophe

Rotten tomatoes reviewed the show by stating, “Catastrophe proves that there’s still a place for simple romantic comedy on television, as long as the actors have chemistry and the jokes are laugh-out-loud funny.” Hollywood Reporter claimed it as, “Sometimes in a marriage, you do what’s needed to get by. Sometimes what’s needed is some funny, bent truth — and Catastrophe gave a fantastic glimpse of that over four seasons. Even if those four seasons, in our dreams, would have been joyfully filled out with another four episodes each.”