God Of War APK v1.3 Latest Version Free Download APK for Android

God of  War is an immensely popular PS game that is well known for its amazing graphics and distinct gameplay. The game has been high in demand by the players from its release date to up till now. The game involves furious battles of gods and destructive monsters which is typically an arena from ancient Greece. The game is, however, unavailable on the official play stores like Google play store and iOS play store. But some unknown publishers brought it to the android devices by modifying its origin. This is truly a gift for the game aspirants who wished for it on android smartphones.




The gameplay and storyline are amazing for the God Of War. The PS users have applauded this and brought it to the esteem section of games.

The game revolves around the period of the majestic Spartan Battles. Which is full of thrill and adventure that provides rewards for completing the tasks for the player using that a player can buy new weapons and supporting skills. The more continuous slashes, the more awards will be granted and simultaneously, the death of the aggressive opponents. Hence, slashes and strikes of the sword mean a lot in this game.



There are always certain factors that gamers will always check before playing a game. These factors prove how good the game build-up is done by the creators. Some factors of God Of War are given below which will help to analyze where this game stands:


If the game is an action genre, then it has to have the best action scenes possible. Whether it be jumping effectively, doing stunts, dodging attacks, or even some slow-motion endings. God of war completeness in this aspect is almost full. However, certain things need to be covered.



Every gamer wants someone to beat him in the game, which brings thrill and dedication to reach that level for the gamer more. In short, the more danger the opponent, the more interest in the game. In God Of War, a similar factor is taken into consideration. There are strong villains which will boost the interest of its user. The strong boss and even the halfway enemies everyone has the potential to knock out the gamer before reaching or completing the respective levels and triumph its win.



The movie-like feeling is also now the essential element that binds the interest further towards the functioning of the game. However, the one who is playing for only time pass won’t feel convenient to play it. However, not to forget about its intriguing gameplay that will excite the player for sure.



The most important one the better player will always enjoy the best of the game. The better player will score, he will surely get the rewards according to it. The new weapons will always bring excitement in the player to work hard and get more currency. The skills are also a rattrap for the players, which include a bundle of new skills that will help the players in the way to reach the end.

How to Download and Install God of War APK in Android ?

  • First of all go to below download link and download God of War APK v1.3 in your Android
  • Now Click on it and allow unknow Source, Install the God of War APK in your device
  • Now wait for the installation finish
  • Once the installation finish, click on it and open the app
  • that’s it you have successfully installed God of War APK Latest version in your device.

Download God of War APK v1.3

Click Here to download God of War APK v1.3 Latest version Free for Android

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