Good Omens Season 2: Release Date, Cast and much more

Do you guys believe in omens? If not, then you might have heard your elders talking about them. Okay, then I got something for you all it might help you know about omens and that too in an entertaining way. Amazon Prime Video presents us with a miniseries called Good Omens. Does it feel dramatic? ( Even if it is then I hope you guys are trying to bear with me). As for the mini-series, it features a novel by its showrunner Neil Gaiman and (late co-writer) Terry Pratchett. When we are on this, let me tell you more about the show, let us get started.

Good Omens Season 2:  Release Date

In an interview with Radio Times, the showrunner, Gaiman told that he and Pratchett did have an idea for a sequel of the series but never made it. Since then, there is always a dual idea of the sequel of Good Omens. One time it is like, no there is not going to be a second part of the series and next time it is like, yes we would like to make another instalment of Good Omens. Gaiman never made it clear, so keep your fingers crossed in case. Well, in my opinion, the first part with six episodes was complete in itself but what can I do for my human nature, greed. So, let us hope to get Good Omens Season 2.

Good Omens Season 2: Plot

From what we know and what I started earlier, Gaiman already has a plot for Good Omen Season 2, which he made along with Pratchett. As for what it holds, we can interpret it as the origin. I mean look at it this way, the first season is quite complete. So the only thing that we need to know is that where are these angels from, agree? The next season will probably feature the same things mentioned above. As for the rest, we need to wait as there is nothing official about it.

Good Omens Season 2: Storyline

The long-known Heaven and Hell is still something that is of great interest to mortals. Don’t tell me that you have never wondered about them because I am not going to believe you on this. The story shows two friends, or I should say, acquaintance representing Heaven and Hell each as an angel and demon. Aziraphale (Heaven’s representative) and Crowley ( Hell’s representative) live in today’s world on Earth. They are now comfortably living among the mortals. But time takes an ugly turn when Heaven and Hell decide to have a deciding battle. Both of our leads try to check the arrival of Armageddon.

Have you watched it? If yes, then how did it go? And if no, then try it and let me know if it is worth a second part. I will wait for your comments. One more thing, let me know if you want an article on a particular topic so that I do it. Meanwhile, see the reason why the second season of Death Note got cancelled. Do not forget to keep yourself updated with our latest news.

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