Baki Season 3: Release Date, Synopsis, Ending Explained.

Any anime fans here? Give me a shout, that was dumb of me. How can you guys give me shout over an article? Haha. So, I was asking about anime, if you like anime, then it is good and if you haven’t watched any till now then start from this. I have something thrilling over here for you. Get ready for a perfect blend of martial arts and animation from none other than our beloved Netflix. Geez, that is something cheesy, isn’t it? Okay, I will cut the chase now, here I am talking about Baki aka Baki the Grappler which is now streaming the third season on Netflix. Check the whole article out to know more.

Baki Season 3: Release Date

You guys must be knowing that most of the animes get adapted from comics, specifically Japanese mangas. And their popularity in Japan is insane. The well-acclaimed anime released its third season on Netflix on 4 June 2020. An interesting thing here is that Netflix got to tease it before Japanese television. One more good news is that we have heard words about the fourth season to release sometime in 2021. However, there are no official announcements yet. Now let’s move to the characters of the animation.

Baki Season 3: Characters

Let’s talk about the characters that we see in the third season of the anime—starting from our protagonist Baki Hanma. Baki is a person with positive insight and who does justice. He does his best to make himself better than his estranged father in martial arts. Kozue Matsomoto is Baki’s love interest, and they do establish a relationship. She is the daughter of Baki’s landlady. Katsumi Erochi is Doppo’s son. He is gifted in karate and battled with Retsu. Let us now move to our next character Retsu Kaioh. He is a Kenpo practitioner of Chinese origin. Kaioh meets his doom in this season. Sikorsky is an escaped, Russian prisoner.

Baki Season 3: Plot

We get a lot of action in the third season as Baki is all up for fighting. He is going to face the world’s five most potent fighters in this season. Follow up that how Baki tackles them all to become the world’s best fighter. These five fighters are well known for their brutality so will Baki be able to win them with his concise? The answer to this question lies within the series if you want to know that then go-ahead to watch it on Netflix as I don’t want to give you guys spoilers and ruin the fun.

Baki Season 3: Storyline

The story is about a boy with a dream to become the world’s number one fighter. To respire his goal, he works hard and surpasses his father in martial arts. He fights countless battles and defeats the one’s who are known to be the worst in the circle. The most inhuman five fighters try to beat Baki and think of it as a way to entertain themselves, but will it be so easy to defeat Baki Hanma? So the story continues.

Well, otakus can never get over animes and mangas. When we are on it, I have one more great suggestion for you—ever heard of Death Note? I bet you have, read another article about Death Note Season 2 and decide if you want to give it a go or not. See you again soon with new updates, so stay tuned and keep interacting through comments.


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