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Goliath: Cancelled or Season 4? Plot, Release Date & All New Updates

Here, I am with a yet another Amazon Prime special for you. Yeah, yeah, I know you guys like my suggestions (being a know it all again). So, straight to today’s impressive series suggestion, Goliath. Till now we have watched three seasons of this legal drama and Amazon has greenlit it for the fourth season. We are sure to see Billy Bob Thronton once again in the fourth season while Bruce Dern joins the cast. When will it hit the screens? What is the coming story? I have got all your such queries answered below.

Goliath Season 4: Release Date

The fourth season of Goliath got the official renewal from the streamer on 14 November 2019. The series first premiered on 13 October 2016 followed by a second and third season released on 15 June 2018 and 4 October 2019 respectively. The fourth season is going to conclude the whole series as the finale. At the time of the renewal announcement, Amazon said that Goliath Season 4 would hit the screens in 2020. According to this, we can expect in either November or December 2020. But the pandemic might be a reason for the delay, which is why they have not set a release date.

Goliath Season 4: Plot

The show makers made sure not to say anything about the story of the upcoming season before the release of an official trailer. We can still interpret some of it ourselves as we watched the last three seasons. The last time we saw Billy was when he is in grave danger, so probably the story will start from there and adding more to it. The executive producer of Goliath, Lawrence Trilling, did understand fans anxiety and gave a little hint about the plot. He said that there is going to be a global crisis in the story which the characters have to tackle to save the whole generation from its impact.

Goliath Season 4: Storyline

The plot is somewhat of a reality if we look at it differently. We see a lawyer who is true to his profession and wants justice at any cost. But it is not going to be an easy task when the rich got power at their disposal. The third season featured what we call a real “drama”. Our protagonist encounters a case of his longtime friend in the property of a famous businessman. He tries to resolve it in the best way to bring justice to the death of his friend, but he faces a grave danger himself in the way. Will he be able to reveal the truth? To know this, we need to wait for the fourth season.

If I made you want to watch it, then you can take a look at the first three seasons on none other than Amazon Prime Video. We still don’t have any trailer of the fourth season, but we will keep you updated. While we are on this, I hope you guys read my last article about the Good Omens, which was also an Amazon Prime series. Just stay tuned for latest updates on the topic and fresh contents.

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