Dragon Prince Season 4: Release Date, Cast, Plot and Renewal.

Let us talk about some animations. Now here pay a bit of attention because I am talking about “animations” and not “animes”. The fundamental difference between them is that the former focuses on the movements and graphics, while the latter is about the characters. Well, anime is what we call the Japanese version animation. I hope you guys are clear on this now and we can move ahead. Netflix is all set for the fourth season of the computer animation, Dragon Prince. Want to know more about it? Then read the whole thing here.

Dragon Prince Season 4: Release Date

It’s rare for Netflix to renew any of its franchise in such a short time. The third season of Dragon Prince released all the nine episodes on 22 November 2019 on Netflix after that Netflix renewed the Aaron Ehasz animation or successive four seasons. That makes the way clear up to the Dragon Prince Season 7. Let us get back to Dragon Season 4. The announcement for the renewal of Dragon Prince Season 4 got public on 24 July 2020 at the virtual Comic-Con event. If we consider the pandemic situation, then we can see that there is no way for the production to get completed now. The fans need to wait till 2021 to watch it. So, be patient.

Dragon Prince Season 4: Characters

Ezran is the crown prince and a 10-year-old son of King Harrow. He has powers which enable him to talk to animals. Callum is Ezran’s half brother and King Harrows 14-year-old elder son. Rayla is a Moonshadow elf. She is 15 years old and teams up with Erzan and Callum. Claudia is the daughter of King Harrow’s advisor, Viren. Soren is Viren’s 18-year-old son. He possesses a golden heart and is a skilled soldier.

 Dragon Prince Season 4: Plot

We can describe the ending of the third season as bittersweet. As Zym reunites with his mother and there is finally peace between the humans and magical creatures, Viren is not yet dead. His daughter resurrects him by her dark magic and Aaravos seems like a significant threat shortly for our heroes. The story will pick up from the place it left. We might witness that how Viren and Aaravos are going to affect the long-awaited peace of the surrounding. Will Zym be safe? Can Erzan, Callus and Rayla have a peaceful life? I don’t think so.

Dragon Prince Season 4: Storyline

As a fantasy adventure animation, Dragon Prince never lets us down. We follow the two half brothers Ezran and Callum in their quest. In the first season, we see how the human realm king assassinates the Dragon King and thinks that there is no heir left. Built the truth is that the heir egg is still safe and Ezran, Callum and their elf friend Rayla vow that they will safely take it to its mother, Queen of the Dragons while Viren seizes the throne. In the second instalment, the story continues where Viren is still the king of the human realm and starts a war against the dragon realm. He allies with a dark mage master Aaravos. By the end, we see Erzan ascends the throne after knowing his father’s death while Callum is the first human to wield the magical powers naturally.

I think the gist of the story I provided is absolutely nothing compared to the actual plots. Please, believe me on this and give this fantastic animation a look. Speaking of throne and conspiracies, I know one more such drama you might be interested in watching. CBS’s historic-political drama series Victoria is coming back for a fourth season.

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