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Let us talk about history. Well, I never liked history because of the timelines, but it was sure fascinating as a subject. If you are my regular reader, then you might be knowing that I updated you about Victoria Season 4 a few days back which is something with the same theme of my today’s suggestion. So, today I got you one more series by Netflix based on history named The Crown. The show makers predetermine the fate of The Crown that it will conclude with a fifth or sixth season. Still, we have a long way to go because we are discussing the fourth part of the series. The cast will have Olivia Colman along with one of my favourites Helena Bonham Carter.

The Crown Season 4: Release Date

The Crown got renewed for the fourth season by the streaming giant, Netflix and done with the production and filming. What does all this mean? It means that we do not need to wait for long to watch the fourth season and I do have good news here for the fans. We will be watching The Crown Season 4 on 15 November 2020. Just a few more days then we and Netflix. (I hope you get what I just tried to say.)

The Crown Season 4: Plot

The creator of the series, Peter Morgan, will be showcasing Queen Elizabeth II’s reign in the fourth part of The Crown. The events featured in this season will be the introductions of Lady Diana Spencer, Prince Harry and Prince William; the wedding of Lady Diana and Prince Charles and the break-in of Buckingham Palace by Micheal Fagan. If you are a history enthusiast and know about Queen Elizabeth II’s life, then you might have figured out that all these events were in between 1977 and 1990.

The Crown Season 4: Storyline

The Crown traces the story of the beloved Queen Elizabeth II from the time of her wedding to the present. Every season focuses on a different part of her life and covers a specific time interval. The first season shows the resignation of the prime minister, Winston Churchill and the refusal of Princess Margaret to marry Peter Townsend. It covers the events between 1947 to 1955. The second season features two more resignations of subsequent prime ministers and birth of Prince Edward, covering 1955 to 1964. The third season focuses on Harold Wilson as the prime minister completing 50 years and the introduction of Camilla Shand. It also sums up the events when the prime mister was Edward Heath, from 1964 to 1977.

The fourth season took almost a year to complete the filming starting in April 2019 and wrapping up in March 2020. It was good luck that Covid-19 didn’t affect this particular series like the others. If you are interested in historical dramas, then you can also watch Victoria. I recently provided an update on Victoria Season 4, and I am sure you will like to read it. Do not forget the date, 15 November 2020 to watch The Crown Season 4. And if you are new to this series then stream Netflix now to watch the previous seasons before watching the fourth one.

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