Will There Be ‘The Order’ Season 3? Netflix Cancels Series After 2 Seasons

What could be more fun than watching a horror sequel under a blanket during the winters? So, here I am to give you this joy by my today’s article on The Order Season 3. The Order is a Netflix original which exceeded the reception expectation with the release of the first season on 7 March 2019. The Order is created by Dennis Heaton who also has a credit for writing along with Eriksen, Harper, Gummerson, Filiatrault and Langer. As for now, there is no news about the renewal of the series for a third instalment. The third season of the horror drama will feature Jake Manley and Louriza Tronco playing Jake Morton and Gabrielle Dupres.

The Order Season 3: Release Date

I already made it clear above that Netflix has yet to renew The Order Season 3. The first and second season of the series comprised ten episodes each, so probably the next season (if any) will have the same number. Fans do not need to be sad so soon because we know that Netflix considers various things before renewing any series and it sometimes takes months in doing so, not to mention the marvellous pandemic (pay attention to my sarcasm, I am so done with this now). If we look at the time-lapse between the first and second season, then the third series will never make it to the screens before late 2021. Still, be warned that it might get cancelled.

The Order Season 3: Plot

I have some plot predictions for The Order Season 3. How can I ever leave you guys with so much sorrow? Let’s see what does the story look like in season 3. The next few lines contain spoilers, but I tried my best to minimise them so that you can read them and still watch season 3 with full “wow” expressions. Alyssa might return, I know it doesn’t make sense to you now because she was seen dead in the last season, but yeah, she might get resurrected by Jack. And Lilith is not pleased about getting dragged out from her dimension so she might try to return. The future of Vera’s magical powers is undetermined as Alyssa is dead (for now).

The Order Season 3: Storyline

The storyline is a fantasy-horror with dark arts and werewolves involved in it. We follow a young man, Jack Morton from his college days who discovers about a secret society named Hermetic Order of the Blue Rose. He later joins it and learns magic as well as practices it. Jack gets entangled in a prolonged war between the supernatural creatures, werewolves and those who know dark magic. He loses some friends, but there are ways to bring them back into life, would he be able to do that? We will find it out later in the third season of The Order.

Have you watched The Order Season 1&2? I will be glad if you share your experience of it with me in comments. And while talking of horror and werewolves, I think you would not mind a post-apocalyptic world ruled by vampires. Read about Van Helsing Season 5 and decide for yourself that if you like it or not.

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