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Manifest season 3: Release date, cast, episodes, plot and everything we know

Have you ever thought about time travel? How would it be in the future or how the past was? What would you do if you wake up in a morning and you are in the future or past? It would be a mess. Jeff Rake created an epic time travel mystery drama Manifest for NBC. Universal Television, Warner Bros. Television, Jeff Rake Productions and Compari Entertainment handles the production of the series Manifesto. When Parveen Kaur is returning in season three; Holly Taylor will join the Stone’s family. After the conclusion of the third season, the network renewed the series for a fourth season.¬†

Manifest Season 3: Release Date 

NBC renewed Manifest season three in June 2020, but the filming has just started. So, the release date for the third season of Manifest is still not declared. According to the announcement made on the official Instagram page of NBC’s Manifest; the third season will show up in 2019. Fans, please take a note that NBC airs the series only for the US viewers while the UK viewers can watch it on Sky One or NOW TV networks.

Manifest Season 3: Plot

The third season will start after four months of the season two finale. A few pointers about the plot are: a character from Grace’s family can reappear very unexpectedly, and Jeff and Saanvi are trying to find more about Flight 828. The first episode of season three, named as “tailfin”. We will see that one of the parts of the flight, submerged in the ocean since the very beginning. Saanvi will be the main focus in season three as she is trying to think of ways to get away from the murder she committed. Will she get a clean chit for it? Is there someone who will help her? How will she come over the trauma caused by the crime?

Manifest Season 3: Storyline

The series is a fantastic combination of science fiction, drama, mystery and adventure. We follow a group of characters in the series with the parallel storylines. The passengers of Flight 828 discover that when they boarded the plane and when they reached their destination, they have eerily time travelled and now are in a world five years ahead. As for the friends and family who were waiting for the passengers to return are finally now in terms with the disappearance of the flight. But now when everyone is back, their life gets disrupted, and oddly enough, the passengers are experiencing things like visions from the future that can help in preventing some major accidents.

Fans are eagerly waiting for the third season to kick in, but there is still time for the trailer to come. So, let us get prepared to accompany our favourite characters in their efforts to fit in the present while saving the day for us too. However, they can always check the updates here (with me) and on the Instagram page of Manifest. Hunter X Hunter Season 7 can motivate you a lot for anime watching. Meanwhile, please stay safe and stay tuned to us for supplementary updates.

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