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Parasyte Season 2, Is there any hope for Season 2 to Return?

What is there to do when the whole world is in the state of lockdown? Of course, we can consider watching some entertaining series, movies or perhaps anime. Today’s suggestion is an anime, Parasyte: The Maxim aka Parasyte. This series directed by Kenichi Shimizu got adapted from the original anime by Hitoshi Iwaaki. It looks like the Madhouse never makes any regretting deal because all the animes it has ever produced are always on must-watch lists of otakus. Coming back to Parasyte, will it get a renewal? Read and find out for yourselves.

Parasyte The Maxim Season 2: Release Date 

Fans fell head over heels for this anime and are waiting for a second season. I am sorry to convey this news that Parasyte: The Maxim Season 2 is highly unlikely. The anime concludes the first season with everything in the manga series. So basically, there is no more content in the comic book to convert it into the anime. It shows that most probably the second season will not happen, but there is no announcement of cancellation. Fans do not need to lose their hearts; maybe the show makers will find another way to continue the anime.

Parasyte The Maxim Season 2: Characters 

Some characters who leave a strong impression in our minds are worthy of recurring. If the second season of Parasyte occurs then the following vital names will be there:

  • Shinichi Izumi is a high schoolboy. He is human in every possible way and tries to protect other humans from parasites with the help of Migi.
  • Migi is a parasyte and resides in Izumi’s right hand. It is inhuman in every possible way and often threatens lives.
  • Satomi Murano is Izumi’s love interest (it is both ways here) and a good friend. She is a kind soul and tries her best to know what is bothering Izumi but to no avail. After discovering the truth, Satomi stays by Izumi’s side.
  • Yuko Tachikawa is one of Satomi’s friend.
  • Akio Suzuki, like Yuko, is Satomi’s friend. Both of them are the closest to Satomi.

Parasyte The Maxim Season 2: Plot

I have said that earlier that the first season exhausted the entire manga content and there is no storyline for the anime to continue. But we never know that if we will get the second season of Parasyte or not. Looking at the bright side and assuming that we get Parasyte: The Maxim Season two then the showrunners need to work on the plot by themselves and surprise us from their creativity. Do you guys have insights for the second season? Do you think the story will be more focused on Izumi and Satomi in the second season?

Parasyte The Maxim Season 2: Storyline

The anime features a unique alien invasion. The story follows a teenager Izumi who lives in Tokyo with his parents. He has a warm personality as a human. When aliens called “Parasyte” come to earth, they start infecting people’s mind and devour them. A parasyte named Migi tries to take over Izumi but ends up infecting only his right hand and later forms an understanding with the host. We follow Izumi who still has brain intact and Migi as they try to hide their alliance from threats and save other humans from getting infected.

While we wait for Parasyte to come back, you can watch the two movies out there. And if you want to watch Parasyte: The Maxim again or the first time, then you can access the Netflix. Make sure that you read about KonuSuba Season 3 because it might surprise you.

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