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Vikings season 7: Release date, cast, plot details and much more

I think I have talked about a lot of historical dramas like The Crown and Victoria. But all of these were modern histories. How about some medieval history? A perfect fit for this genre is Vikings. This action-adventure pack got filmed in some of the most beautiful places ever like Canada and Ireland. The creator and writer of Vikings Michael Hirst represented the old legends of Norse Gods in the best possible way. Since the release of Vikings back in 2013 it gained a great fanbase. But sometimes things do not go as we want them. The series comes to n end with the sixth season who’s second part is still in the making phase.

Vikings Season 7: Release Date

The seventh season of Vikings confirmed not to get an approval for making. In short, the Vikings Season 7 got cancelled so there will be no release date. But fans can look forward to the second part of the sixth season of the series—the announcement of the cancellation of the seventh season made in January 2020. While the release date of Vikings Season 6- Part 2 is still under the veil.

Vikings Season 7: Reason for Cancellation 

The network channel, History Channel, decided to cancel the series due to the declining viewership. The show claims a rating of 8.5 out of 10 on IMDb and 93% of approval ratings on the Rotten Tomatoes ( a review aggregator website). Most of the fans abandoned the show after one of the main character’s death, Ragnar. For now, there is no intelligence in waiting for the revival of Vikings, but you can take a look at the trailer of Vikings Season 6 part 2.

Vikings Season 7: Plot

I will discuss the plot of the second part of the sixth season that will probably release in December this year. In the first part, we got a significant cliff hanger where Ivan stabbed Bjorn. What do you think will happen? Will Bjorn survive? Well, Floki claims his designated post on the throne of Kattegat. So the second part will answer all the unanswered questions in part one. Fans are sure to get a satisfactory conclusion of the historical series.

Vikings Season 7: Storyline

People of Iceland, who believe in Norse Gods are the ones whom story follows. We see a mere farmer turning to a mighty God with his efforts. Ragnar, his family and friends, along with the team he had for his adventures, are the prominent characters of the story. In the first four seasons, we follow Ragnar but eventually after his death; it’s time for his descendants to take charge of the kingdom. How will they handle everything? Will they ruin everything or keep the prosperity alive?

Except for History Channel, Netflix has the broadcasting rights to Vikings so that you can watch all the previous seasons on the streamer if you own a subscription. And of course, the upcoming part will also air on Netflix. While I prepare some more contents for you, read out my previous articles. I think you will take a liking on The Crown Season 4 so see it and tell me what do you feel.

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