Call Of Duty Mobile Mod Apk (V1.0.7): Aimbot, inbuilt ESP, High Damage and many Hack Download Latest Version for Android

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There are various role-playing games available, but nowadays those type of games aren’t doing well. Before a year back there was a massive fanbase of action role-playing games. But after that in the Play Store a new category of games is making up to the top, that is Battle Royale. Battle Royal games are top-rated in the smartphone gaming industry. When we talk about computer games, there are numerous games already available. One popular PC Battle Royale game is Call Of Duty. This game is so popular that its developers have created an Android version of this game too.

cod mod apk

Name for the game developed for Androids is Call Of Duty Mobile. In short form, the game is known as (COD Mobile). Activision Publishing studios developed are the developer of the mobile version of Call of duty. In the first year of its release, the game went very popular. However, there were bigger competitors like Pubg and Fortnite. But among all these competitors Call of Duty duty stood out. The real thing is that before its release call of duty already went viral. And after Pubg ban majority of the battle royale lovers are shifting towards Call of Duty Mobile.

Just like every battle royale game, Call of duty mobile also offers to play against a hundred players at the same time. This is genuinely action survival killing game. While playing Call of duty you have options to choose, whether you want to play with your friends or you want to go alone. You can either play with your squad or try solo mode. Graphics quality is pretty excellent in the latest version of Call of duty mobile. As Activision studios release new updates, minor bugs and glitches are fixed regularly.

Details of Call Of Duty Mobile Apk

Name Call Of Duty Mobile Mod APK
Version 1.0.17
Size 1.9 Gb
Google Play Link com.CallOfDutyMobile.mediaclient
Mod Features Mega Mod Apk
Latest Update 14-nov-2020
Price Free
Genre Battle Royale
Required Android 4.4+

The Gameplay Of Call Of Duty Mobile Mod Apk

As far as we’ve played battle royale games gameplay of Call Of Duty we loved and enjoyed the most. There are various reasons because whenever playing a game, after a certain period, it becomes predictable. But with Call Of Duty Mobile Mod Apk, you cannot predict what is going to happen in each round. So there is always a curiosity of next round, which keeps users okay this game continuously. When you open the game for the first time, it’s okay if you don’t understand anything. Therefore, an introductory match will be played by you. However, here is where you’ll be given all the instructions on how to play, control, shoot, kill, move, collect etc.

cod mobile mod apk

After you know everything, you can set up your custom controls. When we talk about customization, there are various items which thou can customize according to your desire. Starting with the squad, you and your squad will board on an aeroplane over a map. There are different maps which depict locations; you can choose the different location where you want to play. To land on a specific spot, you’ll need to mark that location and dive off from the aeroplane. During air diving, you can head towards your specific mark by using a joystick. Any round while playing the main aim is to survive till the last. I’d you’re playing solo or squad you have to be the last man standing. You can choose from different guns which can be collected while playing.

As for your character, you can customize its attire, face, gender etc. Also, you can play against your friends in Team Death Match mode. Your squad and your opponent’s squad can face off against each other. To survive, you’ll have to collect different items like first aid, ammo, bandages, potions etc. Also, you have to find safety equipment like a vest, helmet which will protect you from any extra damage.

Graphics Of Call Of Duty Mobile Mod Apk

Graphics quality in Call of duty mobile mod apk is impressive as compared with other battle royale games. However, the size of the game is bulky, but graphics quality is adjustable. Developers have provided for different graphics quality these are Low, Mid, High, Ultra. If you own a low specification device, you can enjoy this game without any lag in low resolution. As for the high-end devices, users can choose ultra-resolution to enjoy the game at the highest quality possible. Frame rates are even too reasonable you get60fps smooth frame rates on high resolution. However, if to I are playing on a low-end device, you’re frame rates will automatically be adjusted. 

Features of Call Of Duty Mobile Mod Apk 

In the official game itself there are many features to be described, so in the mod version of all these unique features are modified. Below is the list of features you’ll get in our Call Of Duty Mobile Mod Apk. 

call of duty mobile mod apk

  1. Increased Jump
  2. Increase Speed
  3. Increased Fire Rate
  4. No Jump Penalty
  5. No Radar Visibility
  6. Minimap Radar
  7. No Weapon Recoil
  8. Perfect Crosshair
  9. Hide Weapon
  10. Rainbow Chams
  11. Wallhack
  12. Anti-Counter UAV
  13. No Spread
  14. Left Handed Weapon
  15. Game ESP Bar
  16. Game ESP Distance
  17. Field of View
  18. Aimbot
  19. Silent Aimbot
  20. Shoot to Aim
  21. Field of View Check
  22. Distance Check
  23. Jump Shoot
  24. Crouch Shoot
  25.  Prone Shot
  26. Infinite Slide Loop
  27. Jump When Shot
  28. Crouch When Shot
  29. Prone When Shot
  30. Player Names Change

How to Install Mod APK in your Device?

Method 1: Call Of Duty Mobile Mod Apk in Android

  • First, download Call Of Duty Mobile Mod Apk from the below download link provided
  • Now you will be redirected to our telegram channel, download the apk from there.
  • Now install the Call Of Duty Mobile Mod Apk by allowing unknown sources in your android.
  • Open the Call Of Duty Mobile Mod apk.
  • That’s it; you have successfully installed Mod APK on your device.

Method 2: Call Of Duty Mobile Mod Apk in PC

  • First of all, download and install Bluestack Android Emulator on your PC.
  • Download Call Of Duty Mobile Mod Apk on your PC from the below download link provided.
  • Install the modded APK in your PC using Bluestack
  • Open the app and enjoy the hack features of theCall Of Duty Mobile mod apk.


This is an Action Battle Royale game. If you love to fight and like to play as a character this is the game we would recommend for you.

FAQ -Call Of Duty Mobile Mod APK

Is this mod apk safe?

Yes, this mod apk is completely safe for the user.

Will I be able to share this account with multiple users?

No, you will not be able to use this mod apk account with multiple users.

Will this Call Of Duty Mobile Mod Apk get banned?

The maximum chances are no. But if you do not use this mod properly, this apk mod can get banned.

Download Call Of Duty Mobile Mod Apk

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