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Konosuba Season 3: All Latest News of Release, Cast and Plot

Netflix offers you an anime with some unique genres mixed. KonuSuba: God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World!, aka, KonuSuba and in Japanese, it is known as  Hepburn: Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku o! is the anime which I am talking about here. The first two seasons of anime were terrific in terms of storyline and viewership. And the original novel and manga series were infamous worldwide which explains the craze for anime. Fans are eager to know when they can watch the next season of KonuSuba, and you are at the right place because I have got your back here.


KonuSuba Season 3: Release Date 

You will get a lot of words about the renewal of KonuSuba for a third season, but please do not believe those. I assure you that till now, there is no official update regarding the renewal of KonuSuba Season Three and when they do announce about it, we will make sure that you get the update. Looking at the viewership statistics and the popularity we can think that KonuSuba Season Three will come sooner or later. And when we look at the time lag between the second season and the third season, we lose some confidence. But then we have seen several animes to return after years from the release of the previous season. Let us cross our fingers and hope that KonuSuba Season 3 makes it’s way to us.

KonuSuba Season 3: Characters and Voice Cast

The party is still intact, so we will surely see our hero with his friends. I have listed the characters and the voice cast below for you all:

  • Kazuma Sato is a boy who turns into a game character due to his death. Jun Fukushima lends his voice to Kazuma in Japanese.
  • Aqua is a water goddess who offered Kazuma this kind of life. She is the first one to join Kazuma’s gang. Sora Amamiya lends her voice for the Japanese version of Aqua.
  • Megumin is an arch wizard with an unwillingness towards learning. She and Kazuma later become a romantic pair. Rie Takahashi voiced Megumin in Japanese.
  • Darkness is a crusader, and that too a fierce one. She is always ready to seduce Kazuma, but Megumin is protective of her love. Ai Kayano gives her voice to Darkness in Japanese.
  • Wiz is a lich wizard who never refuses to help others. Her helpful nature is something one can never ignore. Wiz is voiced in Japanese by Yui Horie.
  • Yunyun is an arch wizard just like Megumin, and both of them make great friends later in the anime. Yunyun’s Japanese voice is by Aki Toyosaki.
  • Chris is a master thief. Her skills are second to none, and she helps Kazuma in learning the same craft. Chris got her Japanese voice from Ayaka Suwa.

KonuSuba Season 3: Plot 

The story till now exhausted the contents of the online novel up to the fifth volume. So, the plot of the third season will feature the information ahead of that. I can spare you a few details of the story if you do not want to read the novels or manga, and it will also save you from spoilers. Chris is going to create problems for Kazuma and his friends. Her thievery skills are well known, and with a new title, she makes a lot of troubles, and Kazuma faces the consequences. Now, Kazuma, Megumin, Aqua and Darkness must track Chris down to stop her.

KonuSuba Season 3: Storyline 

Things change for Kazuma when he gets dragged into isekai and becomes an adventurer in a game. He joins hands with Aqua, who offered Kazuma the choice between heaven and this life. Kazuma thinks that as a goddess Aqua will be of great aid, but he learns that he was wrong. His other comrades Megumin and Darkness are of no help either. Eventually, Kazuma becomes uninterested in the quest and starts a peaceful life there. But the Devil King is inevitable, and Kazuma’s fate leads him to Devil King. Will Kazuma and his team of misfits will make through the fight? 

I will strongly recommend you to watch it if you haven’t already on Netflix. And if you are not into animes yet, then you can start from KonuSuba, and it might get you hooked. Earlier, I made an article about the same and if you want to read it then click on KonuSuba Season 3. Enjoy reading my work and make sure that you interact with us.

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