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Top 5 Single Actors in Hollywood of 2021: Leonardo DiCaprio VS Brad Pitt

The personal lives of celebrities’ are always in the spotlight and few might even manage to dodge them but then they tend to fail in the end. However, seeing the most handsome hunks of Hollywood single is still under a lot of scopes. The dating lives of put top five actors who are Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio, Bradley Cooper, Chris Evans, and Tom Cruise are still a mystery and an interesting piece of gossip to hear these days. However, there are various speculations regarding their dating lives but let us take a look at these hunks’ past relationships and their tag of ‘Single.’

Top-1: Brad Pitt

Who does not agree with the charms of Brad Pitt and his extraordinary acting skills and how can we not dream about his looks? The actor who had tremendous success in his films did not have the same with his dating life but he also dated and married the most beautiful and talented actresses in the industry. First off is the charming Jennifer Aniston who is Brad Pitt’s first wife but was divorced after five years after they said their vows. They released statements that they had a mutual agreement on the divorce and nothing more than that. Soon after Brad married the beauty Angelina Jolie and had kids of their own but the proposal came later on in 2014 but soon was divorced in 2016 without reasons unknown. The actor was also seen with Sinitta Malone, Gwyneth Paltrow, and is now rumoured to be dating Nicole Poturalski.

Top-2: Leonardo DiCaprio

Every girl filled her heart with DiCaprio after watching the movie ‘Titanic’ but can you believe this handsome entered 2021 single. The actor was married to any but seems like he has a thing for models as most of his girlfriends are famous models including Bridget Hall, Naomi Campbell, Kristen Zang. However, none of them lasted long including his rumoured girlfriends including Blake Lively and Rihanna. The actor is known for his secrecy and so the reasons behind these breakups were never known. However, he is rumoured to be in a relationship with Camila Morrone.

Top 4: Bradley Cooper

Who does not get chills from looking at Bradley Cooper but unfortunately the 46-year-old actor is said to be single. The actor was previously married to Jennifer Esposito and divorced a year later and according to sources they had differences and won’t be able to continue their relationship. However, they said the divorce is mutual, and continue to be good friends. The actor is previously seen dating Isabella Brewster, Renee Zellweger, and Suki Waterhouse, and recently after the release of “A Star Is Born” there were rumours about him and Lady Gaga dating but they remained just rumours.

Top 4: Tom Cruise

The actor famous for his movie “Mission Impossible” franchise seems to have taken it seriously in his dating life. The actor who was previously married to Katie Holmes but was soon divorced not before having a daughter but the rumours suggested that Holmes worried about Tom abducting Suri and a courtship followed. Later, he was married to Nicole Kidman and but soon filed for divorce for reason unknown. but, his first wife was Mimi Rogers but was reported divorced due to Tom’s fame. The actor was found dating talented actresses Sofia Vergara, Penelope Cruz.

Top 5: Chris Evans

The “America’s ass” is still rumoured to be single but was once considered the concept marriage with Jessica Beil but broke it off before anything took place and the reason behind their breakup is still a mystery. The actor later moved on to Minka Kelly but both of them seemed to have a complicated relationship but broke it off in 2015. He was later rumoured to be dating the iconic Sandra Bullock but was never in a relationship with her. The actor dated stars like Lily Collins and Jenny Slates but none of them lasted.