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Alita: Battle Angel 2 Release Date & Plot

Who does not recognize James Cameron and his legendary screenplay and when we ask one of his notable works we always get the name ‘Avatar’ in our mind and with the movie’s success and fame, the movie is going to get its sequels and how. Well, after Cameron was done with Avatar’s first instalment the legend moved onto another movie while continuing his work on Avatar’s upcoming installments. But today the movie “Alita: Battle Angel” is in the spotlight as the makers are in the hope to get the movie for another installment and maybe more but we are yet to receive Disney’s green signal for this to happen.

Release date: Alita: Battle Angel 2

The movie was in talks for years now and can go back to 2003 for that matter but was constantly delayed due to the director’s tight schedule with the movie “Avatar.” However, the movie made its way onto the screens back in early 2019 with its production work which began in 2016 and it took 2-3 years for the movie to complete it is filming and editing and then to be released. So, now with the uncertainty regarding the movie’s renewal, we can not expect the movie to make its way back anytime soon. We may be hearing news regarding the movie soon but other than that the fans should wait for a longer period to get any news on the release date.

Cast: Alita: Battle Angel 2

If the movie ever gets a green signal then we can expect the same cast to return to reprise their roles. The cast of the movie is Rosa Salazar portraying Alita, Christoph Waltz portraying Dr. Dyson, Jennifer Connelly portraying Dr. Chiren, Mahershana Ali portraying Victor. Joining them are Ed Skrein in the role of Zapan, Jackie Earle Haley in the role of Grewishka, Keean Johnson in the role of Hugo, Lana Condor in the role of Koyomi along with Jorge Lendeborg in the role of kanji, Eiza Gonzalez in and as Nyssen.

Plot: Alita: Battle Angel 2

The movie is in for two more installments but is putting a pause as Disney has not waved a green flag on it but the producers and makers are ready to come back. The makers in an interview also revealed that the upcoming instalments are titled “Alita: Fallen Angel” and “Alita: Avenging Angel” respectively. But, we have no official confirmation of what is is the story behind these titles but judging by the title fans know what to expect from the upcoming movies.

Storyline: Alita: Battle Angel

The movie revolves around a cyborg with human instincts intact in her 300 years ahead of the human evolution and a couple of scientists discovering and befriending the cyborg and named her after their late daughter. However, Alita tried to figure out her past while battling her present and the problems it bought with itself which includes Alita falling in love with a human which tends to complicate her life even more. She fights battles and protects herself and the others she cares about around her. However, a battle finally opens her eyes and realizes her worth and the cost she carried of herself and others.