The Flash: Michael Keaton is Ben Affleck’s dad? Release Date & Plot

These days, movies are more making on the concepts of humanity and the saviours of humanity i.e. the superheroes. Superheroes are constantly featured in many movies. To date, there are numerous films that have superheroes and related subjects such as threats to humanity and world domination by the extraterrestrial people. Often we find that the stories of such action stuffed films are somewhat the same. Many such movies include defenders or exemplars who battle against the ill powers that try to harm the residents of Earth. Every year, we see these kinds of cinemas and yet again we will watch the new film titled The Flash soon in theatres. The Flash is a comic character movie which will be chronicling the tough sequences of several guardians which will prevent then planet from ill powers. The Flash is not a first film to showcase the heroic activities of comic portrayal Flash. Previously in many movies, Flash character was there.

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Release Date: The Flash (2022)

The Flash is going to be one of the most big-budget cinema in terms of costing and an overall production budget of the movie. Makers are trying to make The Flash movie larger than life. So, obviously, the making time of The Flash movie is more and may hit the big screens till the year 2022. The releasing schedule of The Flash movie may also get slightly changed but as of now, the movie is expected to come in 2022.

Cast: The Flash (2022)

The Flash film’s cast has some big and widely popularised names such as Oscar award winner Ben Affleck who will essay the Batman role. Ben Affleck also played the Batman in various films before and was heavily applauded by the fans. Along with Ben, Michael Keaton is also a part of The Flash movie. The titular i.e. the portrayal of Flash will be essayed by Trenwreck star Ezra Miller. In supporting portrayals, we may see stars like Billy Crudup, Gal Gadot and Kiersey Clemons. Many other star names of The Flash are yet to announced.

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Michael Keaton’s Role As A Father of Batman In The Upcoming The Flash Movie

Michael Keaton, the veteran actor who is in the entertainment field more than 20 years come in the spotlight because of his next venture i.e. The Flash movie. Since the announcement of The Flash movie, fans are excited to know who will play Batman’s father. Michael Keaton is confirmed to essay the father role in this forthcoming The Flash film. As Ben Affleck is portraying Batman again then Keaton will be his father and also the other batman. That means in this cinema, fans will witness the pair of Batman.

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Plot: The Flash (2022)

The plot of The Flash movie will be focused on the unexpected travel of Flash in the other world and time where he will meet with his contemporary warriors. The Flash movie will showcase different dimensions of life. Flash will accompany with Batman and other guardians to safeguard the planet. Parallelly we may also see the appearances of wonder woman and other exemplars who will battle against the ill system.

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