Zoe Kravitz Left Karl Glusman Because of Channing Tatum: Truth Or Rumor?

Who does not drool for Channing Tatum and kill for Zoe Kravitz’s looks and talent? Both who are well-settled career-wise are a feast to watch on the screen. However, the romantic lives of Hollywood hunks and beauties are always under the limelight and especially when the two or one of them is recently divorced or broke up with their beau and Zoe is one of them. Zoe Kravitz is officially single. The actress and singer announced this news on 2nd January of this year. Although, the reason is unknown yet the actress is now being linked to one of Hollywood’s finest hunk Channing Tatum but the rumours are denied and now the air is clear on the ongoing topic.

About: Zoe Kravitz

Zoe was born on the 1st of December in 1988 to the actors Lisa Bonnet and Lenny Kravitz who made her first screen appearance in 2007 with “No Reservations.” However, it was not until “X-Men: First Class” she made her mark in the industry. Later, she continued her charm with “The Fantastic Beasts” and “Gemini.” The actress also lends her voice to famous movies like “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse” and “Lego” movie. She even lent her voice to the famous Batwoman for the Batman animated movie and that gave her the opportunity to now portray in the upcoming Batman movie alongside “Robert Pattison.” However, this is not what is getting her into the headlines but her relations with Channing is.

Karl Glusman: Zoe Kravitz

The two actors met on the sets of “Big Little Lies” but initially it was nothing more serious than a one-night stand or purely sexual but as time went by both started catching feelings for each other and the rest is history. However, this did not tend to last long as the actress recently announced her divorce early this year and the reason is yet to be known and the fans assumed Karl is pretty upset as the actor removed all their mutual pictures from his social media accounts and even unfollowed her and this caught the eye of the media and the fans. However, the actress said they both still are good friends. Although the two were married little after two years after their meeting and divorced a little after two years the fans think it is just not meant to be. However, the news of Channing Tatum and Zoe Kravitz supposedly dating made the headlines, and just when things were settling for the actress, she is back in the limelight for this.

Channing Tatum: Zoe Kravitz

Who would not be swept off their feet by the amazing Channing Tatum? The actor who is known for his movies like G.I Joe, The Vow and She is the Man and many more. Channing is not only an actor but is also a singer, dancer, and producer. The actor was previously married to his co-star Jenna Dewan with whom he had a kid and soon the couple announced their split and finalized their divorce for no reason made public. However, now he has linked with Zoe Kravitz and both of them voiced to their respective characters in the Lego movie but now there is a confirmation that they both are single and are good co-stars and nothing more than that.

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