Internet Boycotted Chris Pratt, Over Fake Tweet: We Should Give Him a Break

The internet can be really cruel at times and especially for those who are constantly under the limelight and even their simplest tweet, post or speech can trigger the audience. However, this is not new for those in the industry but sometimes there is a few news which does not have any base or something that happened in the personal lives them is reflected as hatred towards them. With one of the biggest pandemics going around the globe, we thought people might be a little more kind to one another and not start a hashtag and tweets with hatred being its main agenda and since last week the 41-year-old actor is facing a lot of backlash from netizens.

About: Chris Pratt

The actor is 41 years old born and bought up in Virginia. The actor had a tough life but managed to establish himself in the industry, before entering the industry the actor was homeless and did odd jobs to support himself. This was not all he began smoking weed and consuming alcohol. However, Chris did not tend to give up and made his mark and debut with TV series like Parks and Recreation, Ever wood. The actor began doing roles in Wanted, Deliveryman, and Her. But it was not until the Lego movie where he had the real chance to showcase his talent and then landed his role as the sarcastic Star-lord in the famous “Galaxy of Guardians” franchise which was under the outlet Marvel Cinematic Universe. He then acted in another hit franchise of “Jurassic World.” He also had roles in many MCU movies and is listed as one of the most influential celebrities.

Relationships: Chris Pratt

Tonight and were engaged a year later in 2008 and pronounced their vows a year later. However, the relationship was a rollercoaster ride with their baby being pre-mature and the amount of stress that it put them under and the couple ended their relationship and filed for divorce in 2018. The actor announced his engagement with the well-known author Katherine Schwarzenegger and the daughter of Arnold Schwarzenegger and was married in 2019 and had a child together in 2020. The actor was a non-denominational Christian and never showed much interest in politics or religious practices which begs the questions of the hatred and hashtags trending in his name. However, the actor’s post from 2012 popped up and still does not explain the amount of backlash he received for something unknown.

Twitter feud: Chris Pratt

The actor started making news in the past week with no reason known and the netizens painted him as the worst “Chris” among the three MCU Chris’s. The friends and family of the actor including his wife Katherine Schwarzenegger and co-stars and friends Robert Downey Jr. and Mark Ruffalo came to his support and addressed the audience not to create a scene regarding an unknown topic. However, the allegations are vague and few painted Chris as Anti-LGBTQ and Pro-Trump supporter with no solid grounds. Few might even suggest that this was going on for a long time since his split from his ex-wife.

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