Amber Heard Movies 2021: Career, Upcoming Projects & Relationship Status

Relationships in the industry are always proven complicated and especially when both of them are under the limelight and are well-known actors. Sometimes due to the position or fame, the celebrity belongs to might prove fatal and may affect their image in their line of work. One of them will be the amongst Amber Heard and Johnny Depp who were married and then split but not without friction and legalities and now fans are biased regarding who is truthful and who is not. However, their case is still ongoing but it sure did take a big toll on both of their careers and even though it started with Depp now the fans say Amber Heard might and should face the consequences of this split and allegations.

About: Amber Heard

The actress who is now 34, spent her childhood in Texas and began acting in the industry at a very early age and bagged her first role in “All the boys love Mandy Lane” and later in a few more which bought her fame but in the TV industry. The actress entered into the big screen industry a bit late and met  Johnny Depp while acting in a movie together titled “The Rum Diary.” She is known for her works in TV shows and movies like Jack and Bobby. The O.C and Drop Dead Sexy. However, it was  “Justice League ” and “Aquaman” where she played the lead lady in the movie. She is widely recognized in her role in this movie than any other and is also one of the most successful movies of all time. However, Ambers’ relationship might have jeopardized the chance of reprising her role in the upcoming sequel.

Relationship Status: Amber Heard

The leading lady was formerly hitched to the legend ‘Jack Sparrow’ aka Johnny Depp. The two met while acting together in  “The Rum Diary” and started moved in together a year later and were married soon. But, the marriage did not last soon as both ended up going their separate ways but that did not just end in divorce but Johnny Depp was poured in with allegations of being an abuser both verbally and physically and paid her an ample amount of 7 million dollars. However, the feud between them did not end just there but are continuing with various allegations against each other. As of now, both are giving their testimonies against allegations of defamation and domestic abuse case. The actress was previously seen with Tasya Vann Ree and came out as bisexual and also dated the great Elon Musk for a year and so after her split with Depp.

Upcoming movies: Amber Heard

The leading lady is ready to reprise her character of Mera but the fans are unhappy with the decision as Johnny Depp was forced to step down from his roles in various movies and including the Warner Bros movies who are also the makers of Aquaman. fans are upset due to the bias and started posting to remove Amber from her role or they will boycott the movie altogether. As of now, the actress is busy promoting her show “The Stand” but regardless of the rumours, the actress is in full confidence of reprising her role in the Aquaman franchise.

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