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Black Clover Episode 162: Release Date & Character Updates

There is no need to give a separate introduction to Manga or Anime as both are a good form of business and entertainment. The pandemic did bring a huge amount of fans towards anime and comics and the business started booming. However, anime does take a longer period to even renew a particular season and even longer to start its filming and that is on the production value of the series. However, we can not generalize this as some take a very few months to renew, and not every anime has the capability to continue with an unlimited storyline. Few of them wind up their adaptation in 4-5 seasons but the series “Black Clover” is telling us a different story. The show is continuing with its 162nd episode and how.

Release date: Black Clover Episode 162

The first season of the series made its way in 2017 and then was later converted into DVD’s which were widely sold among various regions of the world in 2018 and 2019. The season adopted the first 75 chapters of the manga but with a few exceptions. However, the season is currently running in its 162nd episode which will be available to stream from the 9th of February of this year. The makers revealed the news with a short clip from the upcoming episode.

Cast: Black Clover Episode 162

The show has an extensive cast which is Asta by Gakuto Kajiwara and Dallas Reid in Japanese and English respectively followed by Yuno portrayed by Nobunaga Shimazaki and Micah Solusod, Noelle Silva portrayed by Kana Yuki and Jill Harris. The y are joined by the Clover Kingdom with Lumiere Silvamillion Clover aka Wizard King portrayed by Syu Hikari and Chris Burnett, Julius Novachrono portrayed by Toshiyuki Morikawa and Robert McCollum, Marx Francois portrayed by Yoshikata Yamaya and Aaron Dismuke, Owen portrayed by Eiichiro Tokumoto and Kent Williams along with Augustus Kira Clover portrayed by Jun Miyamoto and Sonny Strait and Damnatio Kira by Hiroshi Tsuchida and Alex Organ.

Plot: Black Clover Episode 162

We can expect twists and turns from the upcoming season. In the previous episode, we saw Zenon’s attack and it is time to see the magic duo Dante and Vanica and with the video clip they released we can assume that the Heart Kingdom is under attack, and with the look on Loropechika’s face, we can strongly hold onto our assumptions. However, looks like fans are left with numerous questions but the audience who are familiar with the original comic series has no tension build-up.

Storyline: Black Clover Episode 162

The story is set in the Hage village and with that being said the most shocking thing about the village is that no one there is born without magic but it is not so easy with our lead Asta as he has to do a particular set of training to obtain his magical powers. He is joined by another Yuno who also sets to make his name in the kingdom. The two are in for the battles of their lives with the desire of being the best there is.

The makers released a short clip for the upcoming episode of the series. Click below to watch it now.