Taps To Riches MOD APK v2.67 (Unlimited Money) for Android

Get the latest version of Taps To Riches MOD APK with unlimited money! Become a rich individual and build your own mansions in this fantastic game. Check out the entire article to know more about it.

Taps To Riches MOD APK Details

Name  Taps To Riches MOD APK 
Compatibility  Android 5.0 and above 
Version  2.67 (Latest) 
Created by  Game Circus LLC 
Google Play Store Link  https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gamecircus.tycoon 
Cost  Free 
Size   90 MB 
MOD  Available 
Category  Simulation 

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Taps To Riches MOD APK Description

Have you ever thought about building your own dream city? A place where everything looks fantastic. A city where every object, building, and monument mesmerizes you. We have read lessons of various powerful kings who established their own empire. Nowadays, it is impossible to repeat these king-like tasks. But we do have a game that provides a perfect virtual experience of building your own city. It is a simulation game called Taps To Riches Mod Apk. The authentic version of the game is available on the Google Play Store for Android users. The remaining users can install this game from various other app platforms.

We know that people always look to earn more money in present times. They constantly try to increase their income by smart and legitimate methods. Those times are long gone when ordinary masses were happy by earning a decent income and good food. Our world changed with every passing year. We also adapted ourselves according to the rules and regulations of the modern lifestyle. That’s why we are providing you with this game to get a chance to live your money dream. Become wealthy and establish your own city from the rubbles.

Taps To Riches is one of the simplest simulation games of all time. We just need to tap our screens to execute every action in the game. Don’t forget to clear the in-game levels. They are important in determining our success. The more levels we clear, the more money we make in this game. Additionally, advisors will play a crucial role. Always listen to their valuable advice before taking any decision. Every successful businessman in the history of mankind had the support of a qualified advisor. Their advice may help you in winning several exciting rewards.

Why become a capitalist when you have the chance of emerging as a top business giant? A moneymaker! It sounds so dreamy, isn’t it? Download the game to gather more information about it.

Create your own city

The game commences with a spectacular story. You will don the character of an ex-criminal. He gets out of jail to become a successful man. Luckily, he owned a big-sized land. He always dreamt about creating his own city. And that’s exactly what you will do in this game. Build your own freaking empire!

First, you will establish small businesses to earn some money. After getting enough success, go for the big fishes. Different businesses like cafes, museums, banks, fast food stores, restaurants, and others are available here. You can start your favourite business. Always remember to utilize your own money to earn more profit in the game. You are not here to help others. You are here to become a top business. A tycoon!

Fool-proof strategies are a must in ensuring our success in this game. The players cannot afford to invest in the wrong places and face huge losses. The game starts with giving you a bare land. It is your responsibility to increase the value of your land. Use commercialization effectively to yield amazing results here. Do you like this game now?

Taps To Riches Mod Apk Features

A game seems incomplete without providing some amazing features to the players. This game also contains some exciting features for all of you! Scroll down this page and check them out!

Detailed graphics

All the graphical elements are designed three-dimensionally. Every object and place in this game has been designed with top-notch perfection. Simulation games are always known for their amazing graphics. They are always designed to give the most realistic experience to the players. Every place has been filled with vibrant colours.

Hire advisors

We have already mentioned the importance of a qualified advisor above. They rescue us in tough financial conditions and help us in reaching our goal. Investors are always attracted to big businesses. The same will happen with us as well. That’s why we need a group of experts in the later stages of the game.

Use bonus

Complete all the tasks and receive attractive prizes. You may get a bonus for your exceptional performance. They are crucial in purchasing valuable items in the game.

Taps To Riches MOD APK Installtion Guide

  • First of download Tap To Riches Mod APK from the below download link provided
  • Now you will be redirected to our telegram channel, download the apk from there
  • Now install the Tap To Riches Mod APK by allowing unknown source in your android device
  • Now open the Tap To Riches Mod apk
  • Enjoy the hack features of Tap To Riches Mod APK on your android device
  • That’s it, you have successfully installed Mod APK in your device


The latest modded version also bestows the unlimited money mod to the players. You will never run out of money in this mod apk file. Plus, it is much better than the original file. It is a perfect simulation game. Download it now!

F.A.Q (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. Is it free to play?

Ans. Yes! It can be played for free.

Q. Where can we download it for free?

Ans. Visit our Telegram channel to install it for free.

Q. Is it safe to use on our Android devices?

Ans. Yes! This latest mod apk file is virus-free.

Q. Does it possess any technical issue?

Ans. No technical issue is present in this game.

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