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Wiseman’s Grandchild Season 2: Release in 2021 & Latest Updates

Wiseman’s Grandchild, also known as Kenja no Magoi is supposedly rich in action and magic anime. It was a hit in 2019 and bought a lot of new content for otakus. There has been a light novel from which this series is extracted. The novel released in 2016, which was written by Tsuyoshi Yoshioka. On the other hand, the series had a total of 12 episodes which aired from April 10 to June 26. Wise Man’s Grandchild is an anime that is talked or asked about a lot and its fan base keeps asking for an update, or if there have been any chances for a season 2.

Release Date: Kenja no Magoi Season 2

There are still certain YouTube channels claiming that season 2 is going to air later this year. Its season 1 came out in April 2019. It aired from April to June, which makes it almost a 2-year gap. Though, it is still expected to release by the mid of 2021. Many sources still confirm that the series will come up with a season 2.

Cast: Wiseman’s Grandchild Season 2 

Wiseman’s Grandchild was animated by ‘Sliver Link Studio’, directed by Masafumi Tamura, and penned by Tatsuya Takahashi. There is a lot of creative source for anime series like Kenja no Magoi – Video games, light novels, and Manga. There hasn’t been any review of season 2 but there are still some characters like Shin Walford (Yusuke Kobayashi), Maria Von Messina (Yuki Wakai), Sizilien Von Claude (Rina Honnizum) Merlin Walford (Yusaku Yara) will be continuing their roles from season 1.

Plot: Wiseman’s Grandchild Season 2

Merlin Walford is a National hero and a grandfather. He adopted Shin and raised him with all the care and love. When he was in his growing years, he showed interest in magic and martial arts and kept brushing his skills. As he becomes a teen, he joins a school named ‘Earlshide’s Magic Academy’ to learn more about magic and other supernatural powers. The whole series basically is about Shin and how he gets better at magic while making new friends. This series has great animation and would be delightful to watch.

Storyline: Wiseman’s Grandchild Season 2

One fact that is very interesting about this anime is that it also has a game based on it which actually is actually surprising because as compared to any other anime which has a game based on it is observed to have a very low sale but when they decide to launch a season 2 announcement, and its sales increased and are pushing the revenue and that is pushing people to and of course the season 2 announcement is obviously used as a way to continuously push the game sells as well. At the end of the day, the Japanese fans know that these anime are used as the main source material so they generally just go and read the light novels and this is also the reason why it could be challenging for the western fans as not always the light novels get a legal translation.


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