Dr. Stone Season 3: Release Date, Cast & Latest News

Dr. Stone is returning for another fun adventure, and this time the team is going to the high seas. Not long after the finale of Dr. Stone: The Stone War, the second sequel of the anime, Toho Animation gave a trailer for a sequel that appears to cover the Time of Exploration curve from the manga.


The trailer draws attention to Senku and the remainder of the Kingdom of Science as they jump on board a boat and sail toward an obscure land. The trailer does not give away too much, yet it gives us a brief look at a portion of the sequel’s usual characters all decked out in private costumes that appear as though they came straight out of One Piece.

Anyways the trailer additionally finishes on a fairly strange note as the camera focused on an individual frozen in stone, who’s most probably one of the fan-most-loved characters from the manga.

One thing we don’t think yet about this new series is the thing that what form it will take. While it may very well be a third sequel of the anime, it’s quite possible that Toho could transform this story circular segment into a full-length film also. Something else we don’t have the foggiest idea yet is the point at which this may be delivered. The second season of the anime was released about a year after the first, yet there’s no official statement has been released regarding the sequel.

Number of episodes in the Third Sequel

The complete number of episodes for Dr. STONE Season 3 has not yet been announced by the officials. Nevertheless, in view of the pacing of the Dr. STONE manga’s story, almost certainly, the third season will be two cours, having at least 22 to 24 episodes.

A “cour” is a three-month television broadcasting unit dependent on the actual seasons and animes normally have between 10 to 13 episodes for every cour.

It’s as of now obscure if Dr. STONE Season 3 will be a split-cour anime, which is the point at which a solitary anime season takes a multi-month broadcasting break between two sections.

Good News for Fans

There is a lot of source material from the manga left to adjust it into more anime seasons. As indicated by Monsters and Critics, season 2 is looking forward to closing with 84 chapters(Volume 10). The beneficial thing for fans is that, at the time of composing, 169 chapters of Dr. Stone have been out in stores, with Volume 20 booked to deliver on April second.

Considering the amount of material there is left to adjust and the hype of the sequel, it has been always “ten billion percent” guaranteed that Dr. Stone would be renewed for season 3

Official Date for Dr. Stone Season 3

While season 3 has been officially confirmed, there was no data regarding when Dr. Stone will return. Notwithstanding, we can make some amazingly logical assumptions depending on the production scheduled for earlier seasons.

Season 1 was reported in November 2018 and debuted in July 2019. With season 2 being affirmed quickly following the finale aired and released in January 2021. Assuming that season 3 would follow a comparable production timetable of about a year (from S2 finale to S3 debut), fans could anticipate that Dr. Stone should return in April 2022; as per the beginning of the Spring season.

In any case, with the arrival of a mystery trailer today, March 25th. This would demonstrate that production may have effectively begun on season 3! This implies that we could see Dr. Stone get back with season 3 during October-2021 on the Fall record.

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