Sekirei Season 3: Renewed or Cancelled? Check out its plot, cast, release date, and other details!

Sekirei Season 3: Sekirei is a fantasy anime rom-com based on manga editions of the same name. The latter series had a spectacular run for 11 long years. The debut edition came out in December 2004. The final one was dispatched in August 2015. Its serialization commenced three years later after the discharge of its manga series. With Keizo Kusakawa at the helm, the anime series has delivered two amazing seasons to the fans. Both of them consist of a total of 25 episodes and a couple of special OVAs. More than a decade has passed but still, we have no sign of its renewal yet.

Will Sekirei Season 3 be dropped on our television sets in future? Or should we consider it done and dusted? Check out the important details right here!

What do we know about Sekirei?

The series takes place in 2020 Tokyo with our protagonist named Minato Sahashi. He attempts to give the college admission test twice and fails both times. His lack of courage and self-confidence often get him in a lot of troubles. His own family begins to taunt him for his failures. Suddenly, a mysterious girl named Musubi literally falls from the sky and lands on him. Sometime later, Minato discovers that she belongs to the prominent “Sekirei” group of humanoid women. There are a total of 108 young beauties in that prestigious group.

Musubi realizes that Minato possesses an Ashikabi gene. Whenever a Sekirei kisses a person containing the Ashikabi gene, the latter receives several exhilarating powers. A strong and shatterproof bond gets established between the two of them after Musubi kisses him. Out of nowhere, the duo finds themselves in the world of Sekirei. They have no choice but to battle each other in a competition, Sekirei Plan. Additionally, they have to give their best to ensure their survival in this unique world. However, they begin to unravel some serious and sinister plans grooming in the shadow of the battle royale.

Sekirei: Last Episode Recap

The last episode commenced with the leading duo confronting Minaka. On the other hand, Seo helps Matsu to recover all the precious MBI data. Later, Musubi and Karasuba find themselves on the brink of a battle. Eventually, Musubi picks up the win here. The entire group watches the destruction of the MBI tower in the end. Furthermore, Chiho receives the cure for her fatal disease from the recovered data.

Sekirei Season 3: Expected Plot

Various fan theories have surfaced on the internet regarding the plot for the third season. But the most prominent one informs that MBI corporation is not done yet. We know that Matsu recovered some data from the tower. Her re-examination of all the data will lead us to some shocking conclusions. She also finds that her data is incomplete. The fans will witness the origins of Sekirei. We may also discover the true reason behind the battle royale tournament of the Sekirei Plan. Why was it necessary for all the Sekirei to participate in that deadly competition? We have to wait for Season 3 to get all our answers.

Sekirei Season 3: Cast

We can expect the following characters to re-appear in the third season of Sekirei:

  • Minato: Shinnosuke Tachibana
  • Musubi: Ayako Kawasumi
  • Kusano: Yukari Tamura
  • Matsu: Yuki Matsuoka
  • Tsukuimi: Rie Tanaka
  • Kazehana: Yukana
  • Homura: Hiromi Hirata
  • Miya: Sayaka Ohara
  • Uzume: Yu Kobayashi
  • Chiho: Sayori Ishizuka

Sekirei Season 3: Release Date

We have to face the bitter truth that the previous instalment of Sekirei did not perform well in terms of collections. The television ratings went pretty low for the second season in September 2010. That’s why the makers are not showing any interest in renewing the series. The director, Keizo Kusakawa, wants a third season for the fans. But it seems like we still have to wait for its official renewal announcement.

According to the recent rumours, Season 3 may drop in late 2021 or next year. We will update this section as soon as we get any official confirmation about it.

Sekirei Season 3 Trailer

We have an old trailer of Sekirei for all of you! Enjoy!



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