Berserk Season 3: Cancelled or Renewed? Check out its expected plot, cast, and release date!

Berserk ended abruptly in 2017 and left the fans with nothing except disappointment. Fans unfavourably compared it to the original 1997 anime series. It received strong criticism for its low-level animation quality. The show’s producer Tetsuro Satomi and the animation studio GEMBA hastily worked on the 3D style animation. On the other hand, director Shin Itagaki showed no interest in that format. He wanted to complete the show in a perfectly balanced 3D/2D environment.

All of the above factors forced the studio to wrap up the previous instalment in a strange way. What does the future hold for Berserk? Check out all the important details right here.

What do we know about Berserk?

The anime adaptation of Berserk takes its inspiration from the manga series of the same name. Kentaro Miura served as the writer of the manga editions. The show covers the Conviction arc of the source material. It contained a total of 24 episodes.

Berserk: Plot Summary

The protagonist, Guts, is a Black Swordsman in the show. He previously worked for “Band of the Hawk” as a trained mercenary. However, that part of his life ended when his leader Griffith betrayed everyone and sought to develop a kingdom of his own. He even became an integral part of God Hand. His love, Casca, went mad after watching the horrors with her own eyes. Both of them somehow saved themselves from the “Eclipse” ritual. He leaves Casca with blacksmith Godo and prepares himself for taking revenge on Griffith for the torment he unleashed on her. He also plans to slaughter every apostle of God Hand in his voyage.

Berserk Season 3: Expected Plot

Viewers may witness the end of the story arc of Falcon and the Millenium Empire.┬áIn this arc, Guts’ group will sail the sea to reach Skellig. However, they get in conflict with the Vandilion family. The situation becomes worse when Guts receives a challenge for a deadly fight.

It is also reported that Emperor Ganishka is planning an attack on the Holy See. But she has no idea that the entire town is under the control of Kushan’s Empire Troops. Guts may shake hands with Zodd to defeat Ganishka. The adverse effects of that large-scale war will open a portal in the astral sphere. This phenomenon will be hailed as World Transformation. This scenario will make everything much harder for Guts. It will grant some amazing powers to monsters, enabling them to roam freely in the physical world. As a result, Griffith’s strength will be unmatched. Plus, he will end up conquering the empire of Falconia.

Berserk Season 3: Cast

The chances of the arrival of Berserk’s Season 3 are pretty dim. If by any miracle that happens, then we can see the following cast members returning to their respective voice roles:

  • Guts: Hiroaki Iwanaga
  • Griffith: Takahiro Sakurai
  • Casca: Toa Yukinari
  • Puck: Kaoru Mizuhara
  • Farnese: Yoko Hikasa
  • Serpico: Kazuyuki Okitsu
  • Isidro: Hiro Shimono
  • Schierke: Chiwa Saito
  • Zodd: Kenta Miyake
  • Emperor Ganishka: Tessho Genda

Berserk Season 3: Release Date

Despite receiving strong criticism for its poor animation quality, the show was praised for its storyline and deviations from the manga series. It turned out to be a very profitable venture for the producers and the studio. The previous season ended up receiving a record-breaking viewership. The popularity of the show also helped in increasing the sales of its manga series.

As we mentioned above, the third season will continue the Millenium story arc of the manga series. We still have 57 chapters left in that arc. It means that the makers have enough source material will them. However, they have not released any official confirmation regarding the renewal of the show. According to the rumours, Season 3 may come in 2022.

We promise to update this section as soon as we get any official announcement from GEMBA.

Berserk Season 3: Trailer

We have the trailer of Berserk’s previous instalment with us! Enjoy!




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