Btooom Season 2: Is it cancelled? Check out its expected plot, cast, and release date!

Btooom Season 2: Its manga edition might have proved to be successful in terms of earning and popularity. But we can’t say the same for its anime adaptation. The anime series Btooom premiered nearly nine years ago. The worldwide success of the manga editions inspired the makers at Madhouse to adapt it into an anime show. However, the debut season did not perform well. It garnered a lukewarm response from the critics and the anime community. Additionally, its television ratings were quite low.

Junya Inoue serves as the mangaka of Btooom’s manga series. A total of 26 volumes have been published so far. The last one came out in 2018 with positive critical reception. However, its anime series is a completely different scenario. Fans have waited nearly nine years for the second season of Btooom. Will it really come out in future? Check out all the details right here!

Btooom: Plot Synopsis


The plot revolves around the protagonist, Ryota. He doesn’t have a job yet. On top of that, he still lives in her mother’s house. He is known for his exceptional gaming skills in a game named Btooom! Surprisingly, he gets transported into the world of his favourite game.

Ryota feels like he is in a dream. But a character in that world throws a bomb at him. That’s where he realizes that all of it is real. Additionally, he also finds his in-game wife, Himiko. Her real name is Emilia.

As the show progresses, Ryota unravels a serious terrorist plot behind all this chaos. The creator of the game, Tyrannos, has connections with a powerful terrorist organization, Schwartz Foundation. They have a fool-proof plan of taking control of the entire world by utilizing the players as test subjects. It is a perfect way to eradicate the proofs of all their crimes.

Btooom has two endings!

The manga fans know that the Btooom series has two different conclusions for its entire storyline. Chapter 121 serves as the final chapter in the manga series. It contains a good and a bad conclusion. It is up to the readers which ending they prefer in the end.

Btooom Season 2: Is it really coming out?


The time has come to introduce the elephant in the room! What do we know about the second season of Btooom? Is it really happening? Well, the answer may end up disappointing a lot of fans. They must know that the debut season did not fare too well. It performed poorly in terms of revenue and critical reception despite having a unique storyline. Several critics lamented the uneven execution of the manga plot in the anime adaptation. So, it doesn’t matter how much desire we show for the second instalment of Btooom. It’s just the possibility of Season 2 seems very low at the moment.

Additionally, Madhouse was responsible for creating the anime series. And the studio has made a name for not dispatching the next entries of so many shows.

Btooom Season 2: Expected Plot

If by any miracle the second season of Btooom takes place in future, we can expect the duo of Ryota and Himiko to find themselves together on another adventurous ride. Plus, we cannot take the Schwartz Foundation out of the picture completely. The terrorist organization may look to settle the score with the leading character.

The anime adaptation has exhausted a total of 50 chapters from the manga series. The makers at Madhouse have enough source material for the show. It is up to the studio when it decides to arrive with the second instalment of Btooom.

Btooom Season 2: Cast

We can expect the following cast members to reprise their roles in the second season of the show if it ever happens in future:

  • Ryota: Kanata Hongo
  • Himiko/Emilia: Suzuko Mimori
  • Kosuke: Miyuki Sawashiro
  • Nobutaka: Yuichi Nakamura
  • Kiyoshi: Toru Okawa
  • Hidemi: Yoko Hikasa
  • Hisanobu: Mitsuaki Madono

Btooom Season 2: Release Date

As we mentioned above, the odds of Btooom Season 2 happening in the future are very minimum. Nearly nine years have passed since the first season aired on television. We don’t think it is going to return.

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