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Are you a fan of many TV shows? Do you watch a lot of TV? Abbasi TV APK, you can watch free movies, and TV shows are available to watch now. Watch Pakistan's top live free TV application.
Dec 15, 2022
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The entertainment we enjoy isn’t be restricted to televisions. With the advancement of smartphone technology across the globe, you can stream your preferred content in the field. A lot of online streaming apps claim to provide the best services. The application that stands out above other applications in terms of quality and content availability can be described as Abbasi TV. It is considered the top in the entertainment category due to its free library of thousands of television shows and films.

About Abbasi TV

Abbasi TV is a proud partner in the Jazz TV app, an online entertainment hub available for Android devices. The app offers hours of HD TV and movies free of charge. You can also access music albums, videos, and even programs you can access easily. No matter if you’re looking for a new broadcast TV show or old film, the program gives everything in Ultra HD quality.

It’s the service’s support that helps the TV app stand out from all other streaming apps. The creator uploads the latest content as soon as it is released on any of the streaming hubs. This includes TV shows, movies programs, Netflix originals, Disney Plus, Apple TV, or other famous leading. You can enjoy it online for free at any time.

Download Abbasi TV APK – Live TV App

A lot of people enjoy watching films and television shows in the present. There are plenty of shows and movies today because of streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Disney+, and many others.

The apps allow users to stream unlimited content for free by paying a monthly cost to access a variety of content. If you’re looking for free streaming applications, Abbasi TV should be the application you download.

The streaming app is designed for Turkish users looking for a way to stream free films and shows. It has a variety of live channels on which you can enjoy concerts, movies, dramas, sports events, music videos, and others.

The app was developed so users could enjoy a variety of channels for different individuals and genres of today. There is no need to spend anything as it can be downloaded at no cost, even without having an account!

Abbasi TV Review:

Are you in search of an entertainment app? Are you? We offer you the most effective application at no cost. The only exception is Abbasi TV is the latest and innovative addition to the realm of media entertainment.

Make sure you have all the necessary and needed information. It is essential to stay informed about the world of today. Numerous media outlets monitor ever-changing trends and provide us with information about it. One of them is Abbasi TV, a new emerging digital media. What if you’re looking for a film lover or a follower of international seasons? This app is everything you’re looking for.


Abbasi TV is known to offer stunning features to viewers. This is why it has gained recognition. If you’re not sure what it offers? Let’s take a brief overview of it:

  • Pakistani Television channels are there to help you free of charge. There is no reason to pay anything of any kind.
  • This time, it offers you the possibility of watching every channel live. In addition, if you missed a show, go ahead and watch it with no delay.
  • It gives you the correct navigation to allow you to use it anytime and any time.
  • In removing the barriers of language by providing the shows dubbed in Urdu.
  • The app is considered one of the top applications for streaming films, videos, and dramas.
  • The site offers free downloading for all videos. You can also watch the videos you save offline.
  • Now you can stream live TV as well as all TV channels around the world.

Abbasi TV Pakistan’s No. 1 Streaming App

It’s free to download many applications today since they allow users to perform a variety of things. There are numerous amazing apps available today, which are available for free to enable users to stream. There are premium apps that provide a wide range of international movies and shows for an annual fee.

If you’re a lover of shows and movies but do not have the money for costly apps, Abbasi TV is the ideal choice for you today. It has live TV channels available to you now!

Through this application, it is possible to access numerous channels with a wide range of programming. On this channel, you can view live sporting events from other tournaments and leagues such as the IPL. You can watch various sports, including basketball, cricket, tennis, baseball, boxing, and many more.

Specific channels allow you to view dramas such as Emergency Pyar, The Yamin Promise, Mehmetcik Kutul, Takhat, our Baghawat Kurlus Usman, and numerous others. You can take in all kinds of movies and music videos of today.

Through this application, you can also enjoy games and video clips today. There are many options in this app that you’ll be able to enjoy shortly.

Abbasi TV Highlights

If you like watching movies or shows, Abbasi TV is the app that is right for you.

Pakistan’s No. 1 streaming app – When you’re looking for movies or shows, you can choose from plenty of streaming apps that you can use currently. You can use numerous types of apps that allow you to stream anything you like.

The apps are great for those who love to watch shows and films because they allow us to stream unlimited content. However, you don’t have to pay anything to watch your favorite shows and movies with Abbasi TV!

Instead of direct-to-video and TV shows, The app also has live TV channels that are available immediately. There are over fifty Pakistani TV channels available whenever you like. They offer news, sports, movies, drama, show videos, and many more that you can access right now!

You can search through a vast range of categories, and you’ll be able to find a variety of channels that meet your preferences. You don’t have to spend money on cable when you’ve got this application!

Free shows and movies Shows and movies : This app offers many movies and shows that you can stream right now and be entertained.

You’ll see a variety of dramas that are popular across Pakistan and Turkey in the present! These include Mehmetcik Kutul, Ertugrul Ghazi, Yunus Emre, Sultan Abdul Hameed, Kurlus Usman, Emergency Pyar Takhat Aur Baghawat, and many more. You can watch a variety of shows to watch today and for no cost.

Sports channels : You’re a huge fan of cricket or various other sporting events, you’ll be awed by the media for sports available here.

You can also watch basketball, cricket, football, and baseball, among other sports, on this page. These channels allow you to watch live games, which means you don’t need to purchase cables or tickets!

Interactive UI: Abbasi TV offers the most popular channels with an organized interface. There’s no reason to spend money on anything when you’re using this application! The app allows you to freely interact with various elements to find the information you require now easily.

What is the best way to view Ertugrul Ghazi online in Urdu?

The one thing that makes the Abbasi TV application a star of viewers can be the seasons of Ertugrul Ghazi Urdu streaming. You heard it honestly; you can stream every season of the acclaimed television drama Ertugrul Ghazi in Hindi and Urdu directly from the application’s server.

An additional section was designed for those who love Ertugrul Ghazi’s drama. If you’re a lover of great drama and wish to stream the show in a dubbed version, this application is the perfect solution to your requirements.

Channels and Categories:

Below, we have listed the top channels and categories of the most popular applications.


  • Jazz Fee Zone
  • Ertugrul All Season
  • Jazz Free TV
  • Sports Channels
  • News channels
  • PSL 2020 Live 1
  • International TV
  • Cricket Live Scores
  • Shows & Dramas
  • Movies Home
  • Kids Zone
  • FM Radios
  • Jazz Free Movies
  • TV Games
  • Jazz Free Websites
  • Sehr/ Iftar Timings

Pakistan channels:

  • Geo
  • ARY digital
  • Geo Khani
  • ARY Zindagi
  • PTV news
  • ARY music
  • HUM TV
  • ARY Qtv
  • PTV National
  • HUM Sitaray
  • PTV Home
  • HUM Masala
  • PTV World
  • DAWN
  • 24 News HD
  • Lahore News
  • BOL
  • Express-News
  • BOL Entertainment
  • 92 News
  • NEO
  • AAJ News
  • News One
  • Filmax
  • WEB
  • and numerous more

Indian Channels:

  • Zee Cinema
  • Sony TV
  • Zee Cinema HD
  • Sony Max
  • Zee TV HD
  • Sony Max 2
  • Zee Anmol
  • Sony Mix
  • Zee ETC
  • Sony Sab
  • Zing TV
  • Star Plus
  • Colors HD
  • Star Gold
  • Star Movies HD
  • Animal Planet
  • National Geographic
  • Cine Voice

How to use Abbasi TV?

To make use of the app, it is necessary to download it using the link. The process of installing it is easy. You need to click the APK file, and it will download it automatically.

Once you’ve finished, open the application and grant permission to use the app if the program requires it. You can now search for the content you like by using the various categories and results.

The developers update their content daily; it’s displayed on the main screen. It is possible to use various tabs to check out what’s popular and what’s been uploaded recently in the app. Search for your preferred film, select the quality, and take in hours of free content.

Pocket TV apps are incredibly crucial to Android users. But, many are struggling with their use. But, it is possible to overcome every requirement for entertainment by downloading Abbasi TV APK on your Android from this page.

Steps to Download and Install Abbasi TV APK

  • Go to the download link and download Abbasi TV in your Device
  • Now Click on the downloaded icon and install it in your device
  • Wait for the installation to be completed
  • Once installed, click on the open button
  • Enjoy

Final Verdicts

Abbasi TV the best streaming app of  Pakistan, you can watch millions of TV channels live for free. The download link is provided in this article, you can download and watch all live channels for free.

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