Bellsprout POKEMON has MOVES like Vine Whip, Acid and Poison Powder. location, about stats, moves, uses, and more.

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Debuting in Generation 1, Bellsprout is a poison/grass type Pokemon. In appearance, Bellsprout is similar to a plant. It has a yellow-colored head that looks like a bell. Its eyes are black and beady. Also, at the front of its face is a pink lip. Bellsprout’s body is identical to a brown stem. The stem is long and bendy, and a green leaf emerges from each side of its figure. Though it’s a plant, Bellsprout is also carnivorous.

Using its flexible body, Bellsprout can easily avoid attacks. Moreover, it can quickly strike its prey. The Pokemon also throws acid from its mouth that can erode anything. In place of feet, Bellsprout has roots. It uses them to walk and to drink water from underground. However, it can’t run when it’s replenishing water. Due to its nature, Bellsprout prefers hot and humid environment. Hence it lives in forests.

Bellsprout: Stats

It is a bi-characteristic pokemon, which means that it is both Grass and Poison-type. Also, it is from the flower pokemon species. The Bellsprout’s height and weight are at 2’04” and 8.8 lbs. Furthermore, it has a Base Exp of 60, and its Base Friendship level is at 70. The Bellsprout also grows at a medium-slow rate.

As for abilities, it has two. Bellsprout’s primary Ability is Chlorophyll, and its hidden ability is Gluttony. Also, the catch rate of the Pokemon is 255. Its attack and defense stats are 75 and 35. And in terms of special attack and Special defense stats, it has 70 and 30. Moreover, with a speed of 40, it’s swift.

Bellsprout: Moves

Bellsprout can learn new Moves in many ways. These include Leveling up and TM/TR. These Moves are:

  • Vine Whip
  • Acid
  • Poison Powder
  • Razor Leaf
  • Sleep Powder
  • Gastro Acid
  • Sweet Scent
  • Solar Beam
  • Mega Drain
  • Venoshock
  • Hidden Power

Bellsprout: Locations

As mentioned before, Belsprout likes to live in jungles and forests. Thus, players can encounter it in these locations:

  1. Yellow: Routes 12, 13, 14, 24, 25
  2. Crystal: Routes 24, 31, 32, 36, 44
  3. Diamond and Pearl: Routes 229 and 230
  4. Pal Park: Forest
  5. Heartgold and Soulsilver: Routes 5, 6, 24, 31, 32, 44
  6. Pokewalker: Noisy Forest
  7. Dreamworld: Pleasant Forest
  8. Sun and Moon: Route 5
  9. White: White Forest
  10. X and Y: Route 14

Bellsprout: Evolution

Like most Pokemons, Bellsprout can also evolve. Additionally, It has three forms. Bellsprout is the very first form. However, at level 21, it turns into Weepinbell. And after using the leaf stone, it changes to its final stage, Victreebell.

Bellsprout: Use

Bellsprout is very useful in combat. Because of its skinny body, it can quickly entrap its enemies. Plus, Bellsprout is very sensitive and can notice the slightest of movements. Furthermore, it’s an incredibly agile pokemon that can evade even the strongest of attacks. Also, it spits out a powerful acid that can melt down anything.

BellSprout: Strength and weaknesses

Since Bellsprout is a Grass and Poison-type Pokemon, it is very effective against various things. It is useful against Ground, Rock, Water, Grass, Fairy, and Bug types. However, it has many weaknesses, as well. So, because of its nature, Bellsprout can’t do much against Fire, Ghost, Poison, Dragon, Flying-type Pokemon.

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