“Bones”: Will we see Season 13?? Find out Storyline, Cast, Trailer and everything else you should know about!

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Bones is a crime TV drama show, which is somewhat based on the novels written by a respected crime writer of America, Kathy Reichs. Bones broadcasted on September 13 2005. And it was broadcasted by Fox Star Studio. Kathleen Reichs is an American Board of Anthropology certified Anthropologist. She has written many academic papers and books, but she is known for her fiction work too.

Kathy’s first novel Déjà Dead created a character of Tempe Brennan. Though she was an anthropologist in 1997, she won her Arthur Ellis Award for Best First Novel. Ever since then, she followed her heart which resulted in 19 more novels. Theses novels were the part of Temperance Brennan series. Each of her novels was inspired by her life moments.

From these novels inspired TV series Bones. Till now 12 seasons of Bones have been released. But wait, what about the 13 seasons is it going to be released or not? Read ahead to know more.

Storyline: Bones

As we’ve said, earlier this TV drama is based on the fictional novel series of Temperance Brennan written by Kathy Reichs. Which in-fact is based on the life of the writer’s day to day life. In the show, we get to see our main character Dr Temperance Brennan has fond of writing a mystery novel series. Dr Brennan depicts the role of Kathy Reichs is a forensic anthropologist. At Jeffersonian Institute of Medico-Legal lab, a team is led by Dr.Brennan. Jeffersonian Institute of Medico-Legal lab is a fictional institution who works with the FBI to help them in solving cases.

In the show, we get to see both tastes, like being scientific and believing in miracles, God. Team of Dr Brennan helps to solve cases with finding clues in the murder site. But FBI investigation technique is used by a special agent Seeley Booth, to help out FBI to solve each case sincerely.

Though this show does not defines severe detective drills. But it does support intelligent scientific case solving. As we said before in this show, we get to see different dialects. While our main character Dr Brennan supports evidence, scientific calculations but Mr Booth fights for the perspective of God, luck, instincts. If we move forward in the storyline, we get to see the relationships and backgrounds of the other characters. More than others, we get to see the love and stress life between Booth and Brennan. A little but interesting fact about the show is that naming of every episode is made by how the criminal was caught.

Release Date: will season 13 release?

Season 1 of Bones premiered on the date of September 13 2005. The show received on around 10.8 million viewers on the premiere day. After the release for the third episode, the entire series got commissioned. After the end of the first season, the show received positive ratings due to which Fox Studios renewed Bones for its second season. Also, the second season received 9.40 million viewers which further made way for the third season and so on. Till the release of season 12 after then, things began to change.

After the end of season 12, Fox Studios announced the state of season 13 release. The announcement was made on the date of February 25, 2016, that season 13 of bones will not be released. And season 12 will be the last season for Bones TV series. On the date of January 3, 2017 season 12 started and on March 28, 2017, the season came to an end Marking 246 episodes in total. Although fans are very disappointed, we have to settle down with twelve seasons.

There are extreme slight chances that the 13th season of Bones will release. So if you are a die-hard fan of Bones, then we suggest you not to keep your hopes up too high.

Cast and Characters: Bones

Emily Deschanel

She plays the role of our main character Dr Brennan. Brennan is an excellent anthropologist who works at Jeffersonian Institute. In the show, her birth name is Joy Keenan which her parents changed later. In the show also she is a wealthy author who writes novels in the crime fiction genre. She is known for her high IQ.

David Boreanaz

He is in the show as the character of Seeley Booth. David is a special FBI agent he takes Dr Brennan’s helps to get clues of the victim’s body, which cannot be identified by the FBI. He is the one who gave Dr Brennan nickname Bones. He is a talented investigator as well as an interrogator who mostly trusts his human instincts and guts.

Michaela Conlin

She is the character Angela Montenegro. She is a forensic artist and one of the best friend of Brennan. In facial reconstruction, Angela is Brennan’s team specialist. By doing facial reconstruction, it is easy to identify the faces of victims. She can also create various crime scenes in her 3D hologram program. Her birth name is Pookie Noodling.

T J Thyne

He plays the role of Dr Jack Hodgins. Hodgins is an expert in spores and minerals by course; he is an entomologist. The hobby of Dr Hodgins is to read conspiracy theories. While investigating a murder case, Hodgins deals with traces and specific clues. He provides Booth approx time of death of a victim.

John Francis Daley

He plays the role of Dr Lance Sweets. Sweets is an FBI psychologist. In the show, Brennan and Booth arrest the father of Lance. After that, Dr Lance is assigned to understand the psychology of Dr Brennan and Seeley Booth. The primary task of Dr Lance is to provide a humanized perspective on the murder case. Because of his age, he is treated in an egoistic manner by Brennan and Booth. But later on, he earns their respect.

Where to watch

You can watch Bones online on Amazon Prime Videos.


If you liked the storyline and are thinking of watching it’s twelve seasons from the start on. Here we have provided trailer of season 12 so that you can have a glimpse of the show.

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