Call of Duty Mobile Hack 2021: Aimbot, Unlimited CP, Wall Hack and many more

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Call of Duty Mobile Hack: Most of you out there would have heard about Call of Duty. This popular PC game is the craze when it comes to shooter games. In 2019, TiMi Studios came out with the mobile version of the game. Within six months, the game generated nearly $327 million in revenue in the US alone. These numbers speak for how enjoyable the game is. But on demand of many people we are bringing call of duty mobile which having many features that we are going to discuss below


Furthermore, with the coronavirus pandemic taking over the world, many have no idea what to do with the ample time on their hands. To fill the void in their lives, many have turned to video games. Statistics show a massive increase in the download of mobile games worldwide. COD: Mobile falls into this category. However, not all of us have the time and patience to devote to a contest. Hacks and cheats excel in this area. Today, we take a look at the various hacks available for Call of Duty: Mobile i.e. Call of Duty Mobile Hack

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Call of Duty: Mobile Hack 2021 – Overview

The game features ranked and unranked matches in the multiplayer mode. The battle royale mode features 100 players entering a deathmatch. You can either play solo or join as a team of two or four members. All the players are sent to a map by a flight. The leader of the group decides where and how the crew lands.


The game started with each player equipped with a knife. Players can collect weapons from the extensive collection that is available on the map. The team wins (or a single player, if he is playing solo) once everyone else in the given map dies. The game briefly introduced the Zombie mode in November 2019. However, this mode was not able to meet the expectation of the players. Developers removed the Zombie mode from the game five months later.

How to install Call of Duty Mobile Hack in your device?

Follow the steps install call of duty hack on your device. However, remember that if you are caught, the developers can ban you from the game forever. The steps mentioned below work only on an Android device. iOS has a very closed system which makes it impossible to use hacks on an iPhone or iPad.

  • The first step is downloading the Call of Duty Obb pack. The file mentioned is available as an apk file. Once you download it, you must extract the file using the extract option.
  • Once you finish extracting the apk file, you must install it on your device. Installing the hack is very simple, you need to store the file in Phone internal memory/Android /obb folder.
  • The last step is installing the game via the apk file. once you install the game, all you need to do is lunch it, and voila, all hacks are now available at your disposal!


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Features of Call of Duty Mobile Hack 2021 (Unlimited CP, Antiban)

Down below, we have mentioned some of the most popular hacks available in the game.

  • Aimbot: Aimbotting is easily the most convenient hack for online shooters. This hack helps you kill others in the game without even trying! The Aimbot will track enemies, and when do come within your range, the Aimbot automatically fires. Furthermore, it is impossible to kill a person who is using the Aimbot feature. They will always know your position and continue firing until you are dead.
  • Wallhack: The Wallhack feature lets you spot enemies through walls. The age-old tactic of hiding behind walls will not work as Wallhack makes it completely pointless. The Wallhack feature is much harder to detect as compared to Aimbot. Wallhack, coupled with Aimbot, is easily the best combo you can have in COD: Mobile.
  • Triggerbot: Triggerbot is a slight variation of the Aimbot. The Triggerbot automatically shoots any enemy within your vicinity. If you have good reflexes, it is possible for you to take down the hacker. However, with the Triggerbot, having good reflexes is useless. The Triggerbot is programmed to shoot you down as soon as you enter the hacker’s vicinity with deadly precision.
  • Radar: The Radar hacks the map on which the players are currently playing. The Radar exposes the locations of all players in the game. Having good reflexes is perhaps the only way one can combat this advantage. However, Radar along with the Aimbot and Wallhack makes the hacker invincible.
  • Unlimited CP: Using this Call of Duty Mobile Hack, you will have unlimited CP (Money) by using which you can unlock all of your skins, open creates, Buy various Clothes and many other premium stuff for free.
  • God Mode: This means no enemies can able to kill you even if the enemy shoot at you you will have damage. So an easy way to win the game and increase your fastly among your friends.
  • Antiban: This Call of duty Mobile Hack is antiban that your account is safe after using this hack. There is not at all risk of getting banned of your COD Mobile account when you use it.


The call of duty hack mentioned above provide an unfair advantage to the user. If caught, the developers can ban your account and prevent you from creating different accounts. Use these hacks at your own risk.

Conclusion :

So this was the article of about Call of Duty Mobile Hack. So if you want to use the hack then you can download and install this COD Mobile hack in your device and enjoy the hack features of Call of Duty Mobile.

Call of Duty: Mobile – Trailer

While COD: Mobile is a viral game, many of you might not have heard about it before. The developers have come up with a beautiful trailer which offers a brilliant insight into what the game offers. Here is the trailer in all of its glory!

FAQ: Call of Duty Mobile Hack 2021

Q. Is this safe to use?

Ans: Yes, this is 100% safe to use there is no issue in installing the hack.

Q. Will my COD ID get banned if I use this Hack?

Ans: Using any hack is riskful so try it at you own risk.

Q. Is all the hacks described above are 100% working?

Ans: Yes all the hacks of COD Mobile described above in this article are 100% Working.

That’s it for today. Don worry, we will keep you posted with updates. Until then, continue reading with us!

If you are having any issue or problem regarding call of duty hack them do comment below.

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