Charlie Booker mysteriously brags that he has a plan for Black Mirror season 6 and we cannot wait to hear more about it

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Charlie Booker mysteriously brags that he has a plan for Black Mirror season 6 and we cannot wait to hear more about it. Charlie Booker is an English broadcaster, who usually enjoys every kind of visual entertainment genres, but, his redefining factor lies in coalescing urbanized contemporary issues in a scenario that is twice as technologically advanced as 2019.

Hubristic pleasure of our society over technological supremacy is mocked in a sardonic manner, the dissemination of the issues and problems that are focused in Black mirror is some times too advanced for us to grasp at once. The plot of this show often focuses on several stories, thus making the narrative a varied one, and, somehow it threads back into a narrative that is relevant for both the world, the shows, and ours.

The main plot line is broken, and thus the narrative entirely depends on the characters, and sometimes people do make a sudden show on Black Mirror.

Black Mirror is all around the disadvantageous consequences of technology, exposing the more iniquitous capabilities in human species, absolute societal breakdown, secrecy is a tale in this post-modern-technological 21st era. Our helplessness is expressed thru our faith in technology. Charlie Booker, who was not initially signed, finally got his chance to recover from the controversial rumour surrounding his employment.

Black Mirror mirrors a reality where automated-technology and our blind faith in technology finally ensnared us and delivered purgatory immediately upon Earth. The new anti-conventional film is Bandersnatch. It was celebrated because of its shifting actualities, millions of narratives based on real choice. The counterproductive acknowledgement setup earned it positively exhilarating to a generation where everyone is a technological virtuoso.

Season 5 was delivered in 2019, and it grew into a phenomenal favourite. In recent times, the series has its original unaltered cast and storyline for specific assemblage, Black Mirror S5 saw some prominent illustrious names like Andrew Scott, Topher, Miley Cyrus, Anthony Mackie, Yahya Abdul Mateen ll, etc.

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