CW’s the 100 Season 7 Release Date,Plot and Cast !! Are Eliza Taylor and Bob Morley returning for the final season ??!!

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when is CW’S THE 100 RELEASING ??

It was disclosed that the show The 100 will be calling it a day with its 7th season. The star cast and crew members are presently busy working on the episodes.  Jason Rothenberg thanked the American broadcaster for concluding the show rather than carry on with the story.

The 100 7th Season which is the final season will be on air in the year 2020 with around 16 episodes.  The exact date for airing the series or its release date has not yet been announced.

The show’s leading character,who plays the role of Clarke Griffin, Eliza Taylor is likely to return, so is Marie Avgeropoulos as Octavia Blake and Bob Morley as Bellamy Blake are returning on the series renewal.  There are a number of guest stars also featuring in the series 7th outing but their names have not been announced as yet.

The 100 is a science fiction series and had its first outing on March 19, 2014. It is based on a novel written by Kass Morgan and developed by Jason Rothenberg.  Accordingly the plot is about a nuclear conflict which has decimated the entire civilization, 97 years later a spaceship carrying humanity’s lone survivors sends 100 juvenile delinquents back to the Earth. Clarke Griffin as Eliza Taylor, Finn Collins as Thomas McDonell, Belammy Blake as Bob Morley, Octavia Blake as Marie Avgeropoulos are the lead actors in the series.

The hundred juveniles sent back to earth are the first people from a space habitat the Ark to return to earth after a devastating nuclear apocalypse.  The series aired 6 seasons and was appreciated by nearly 93% of  viewers.  The 100 which is based on Kass Morgan’s novels, has added a lot of mythology to it that one might just consider it an original series.

Series creator Jason Rothenberg announced on Sunday that the show’s previously announced seventh season will be its last. He tweeted that he was very grateful to WB and CW for allowing them the freedom to proceed with the story the way he envisaged it and the freedom to conclude the series on his terms.

He tweeted that it has been an incredible journey.The exact date for airing the 7th season has not been announced but fans can enjoy a trailer made by one of the fans till the original trailer is released. So happy viewing guys!


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