Dakota Johnson had an awkward moment with Ellen DeGeneres at her show when they were talking about her birthday party

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Dakota Johnson had an awkward moment with Ellen DeGeneres at her show when they were talking about her birthday party. Dakota Johnson was on The Ellen DeGeneres show and we expected it to be nothing less than a clash of sassy women, and it was just that. Dakota is 30 now and currently working on projects like Bad Times At The El Royale.

There was some friendly-hostility in their conversation, but honestly we cannot make any of it, this is the show business, little fleeting things like these keep it spicy. They started talking about the birthday of Dakota Johnson. Incidentally Ellen DeGeneres did not attend the birthday party of Dakota Johnson, no one knows the reason why.

Dakota Johnson is no pushover, when Ellen DeGeneres started being sarcastic Dakota realized that the best defense is by playing offence. Thus she backed up her arsenal with her witty response. Ellen asked her, about the birthday invite, which incidentally Ellen missed, some say it was to watch a football game, others still insinuate that it was just pure ignorance.

Ellen DeGeneres made her reputation intimidating actors and actresses, in a hilarious and entertaining manner nonetheless, but Dakota Johnson was not sold; the former 50 shades of Grey actor unleashed on Ellen, in a way which resembled a hostile takeover. Not to forget it was the Ellen DeGeneres show and a gesture like that from a guest, entertains the audience more than anything.

To this, Dakota Johnson came up with a witty yet amusing retort, “Actually that’s not true, Ellen…Ask anybody, ask your producer”.Ellen shrugged off from that with a rather unimpressive remark, “Oh right, I had that thing,”.Their discourse promptly spread virally across social media, taking over the Twitterati to cause a frenzy.

According to the reports, Dakota was being praised for not being a push over, Ellen received negative publicity because of her obstinate ignorance and arrogant line of questioning. Whether she forgot or not is a secondary issue, the question of not being invited to someone’s birthday party is quite personal when it comes to being pro-choice.

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