‘Death Note’ Season 2: When Will It Release? Everything We Know

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Anime fan or not, there’s a high possibility you’ve already heard about “Death Note”. And if you’re an ardent anime fan, it falls in your top three! Otaku, if you might. No, that’s not Hebrew! Otaku is the Japanese term for people who love anime! Never too old to learn something new, is it? Getting back to the topic,  is “Death Note Season 2” coming soon? Well, keep reading to know more!

For those who haven’t watched it, “Death Note” is a Japanese manga series which first came out way back in 2007! But after that, it was as if the original creators forgot altogether about it! Fans had to wait for more than a decade! But it wasn’t as if sequels didn’t come out. There were numerous spin-offs, including one from Netflix as well. Nevertheless, most fans would agree that they made quite a mess of the original story!

There were two movies as well, followed by two games! So, as you can understand what a huge fanbase this franchise holds! But will Madhouse finally realise their mistake and go ahead with a second season?

Release date: “Death Note Season 2”

As far as Season 1 was concerned, it had a pretty satisfying conclusion. Its 37 episodes ensured that all the bases were covered from the original manga. So, there’s not much to explore as far as the real novel is concerned. So, Madhouse returning with a new season is highly improbable.

However, we’ve got some good news for you! A brand new story for “Death Note” is all set to be published in Japan’s Jump SQ magazine somewhere along 2020. So, if you want a Season 2 badly, you might want to mail them a copy of the magazine. Well, you never know!

Cast: “Death Note Season 2”

If you don’t know that already, the lead character in the story is Light Yagami. The characters include Detective L Lawliet, Ryuk, Misa Amane, Nate River and Teru Mikami.

Although these characters have been regulars during the entire season, the movie had some new characters involved! Characters like Ryotoro Sakajo, Sanami and Shiori  Akino have no mention in the original manga.

Plot: “Death Note Season 2”

Well, as we’ve discussed before, Season 1 was pretty conclusive on its own. In the Season finale, protagonist Light Yagami lost to his arch-rival Ryuk. Although it seems as though he dies after that, considering the show’s rich history of twists and turns, you never know! And even if Light does come back, how? Considering his name was written in the Death Note diary by Ryuk!


Another aspect that might be added to the story is the introduction of new Shinigamis, just to keep things nice and interesting! Apart from Ryuk, Minoru Tanaka might also be returning as an antagonist to Light Yagami, considering the how bitter it was last time they met.

However, all these are just speculations, and unless Madhouse somehow magically decides to revive this anime classic, there’s nothing much we can do! However, there have been some rumours that Netflix might be releasing something soon. But considering how much they messed up last time, we won’t be the ones referring it to you!

Storyline: “Death Note Season 2”

But I’m pretty sure there might be some of you thinking what’s all this hype about an anime which came out more than a decade ago. Well, we’ll give you some pointers then!

“Death Note” is the tale of Light Yagami, a high school student who accidentally gets hold of the eternal Death Note diary. So what is that exactly? It’s a magical diary which kills whoever’s name is written on it. Imagine such a deadly weapon in the hands of a school kid! As expected, Light gets blinded by the dark powers he now possessed and goes on a killing spree. But soon enough, the police start noticing these mysterious deaths, and Detective L starts investigating it. And boy does he give Yagami a run for his money!

See, now you know what has made this franchise so catchy! So go on, you’ll find lots of content online!

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